Thursday, 26 April 2012

Plumb Line - Will of God

The prophecies spoke about the ‘plumb line of righteousness'  and how the rest would get swept away by the hail and the water. Only those that support the building of new jerusalem, the new holy city of enlightenment are safe in this timeline. The prophecies tell you that the LORD God will shield them. 
Why is that?
They are the only ones that are truly doing the will of God. They know who the flame of Joseph is and why the LORD sent them. 

It is no coincidence that during my life I had clients and friends in the H&V industry. Manufacturing and in distribution, there was also a company in the UK called "Plumbline'. Its no coincidence that I also had a boyfriend who was a plumber. 

In the dictionary a plumbline is 'A line from which a weight is suspended to determine verticality or depth'. 'A line regarded as directed exactly toward the earth's center of gravity.' That reminds of the song 'Gravity of Love'. Although there is a group called Plumbline and they brought out a song called 'Grace in the Rain'. Biblically speaking the rain is also to do with righteousness. 

They did not understand the importance of the line or the weight of the moral compass. They did not understand the importance of the suspension in the cosmos, and being between two worlds. Those that lived by the 'way of man' tried to ground the holy one. However, the LORD God would not allow them to do so. Every time they tried to bring down his plumb line of righteousness, he raised her up again. I remember sharing with spiritual people that the rains of righteousness cannot harm a pure heart, and the rest can be cleansed and be purified by it. 

He kept her in his peace for his divine purpose. In his peace she was able to be the measure that he required to show the people the power of her love and faithfulness. On the 4th of April, 2011 God spoke of the 'Gravitational Pull'. [1] What is happening is certainly scientific. He also said 'The Mayans know that we are coming'. Its not just about one person either, there are two people on this planet, they have been a couple in many lifetimes. The sheer power of their love for humanity, being present together on the planet at the same time, is impacting on the gravitational pull. 

No surprise then that the rainbow is to do with Joseph, the rainbow of hope, the covenant of the promise. 

This love of God and his creation is pure, and only the pure can help others to gain purity. 



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