Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Prayer for George Zimmerman

I have watched the 'Trayvon Martin -v- George Zimmerman case from a distance,  has it unfolded. I saw how Obama utilized the story for political advantage and how he managed to raise the hoods on the street. That is what the community organizer does. In Kenya it ended up in riots and Churches being burnt to the ground after his visit, by those that refused to vote the way his cousin wished them to vote. It is also known that Obama was still on the phone to Kenya during the US presidential election.

The news is that Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder and we all know about the pressure that has been put on the prosecution to state that. As we know, Obama has his fingers in every pie, and he is hoping that this case will bring him the voters that he requires to re-elect him.

The name of Florida State Attorney is 'Angela Corey' and she stated that Zimmerman voluntarily turned himself in. Of course he did, he could not afford to live on zero, and the hoods from the Obama camp had put a bounty of 1 million dollars on his head. If there was a million dollars on your head, wouldn't you wish to be in a safe place?

Corey talks about the 'search for justice for Trayvon' and of course, prosecutors are never interested in justice for the accused. The Obama media machine, have branded Zimmerman as guilty prior to the full evidence being heard in a full court hearing. However, Corey hopes for a fair jury.

Miss Fulton said 'We simply wanted an arrest. Nothing more'. As I have explained in the past 'wants' come from the unmet 'wants' from childhood. 'Wants' don't come from the heart Miss Fulton, you have a lot to learn about the heart. You speak about the 'red' clearly an Obama supporter.

The families lawyer goes by the name of 'Benjamin Crump' and on Tuesday, George's lawyers dropped him as a client, saying that he was no longer in contact with them and was acting erratically. Most people would act erratic if they had a million dollar bounty on their heads. Hoods gunning for him and the nations media standing against him, and that's if his lawyers are telling the truth.

It only takes one phone call from the White House to ensure that lawyers drop the case and as we know, lawyers don't like to take on a case if they consider that the justice system and the media is standing against them. We all know about the old boy network and how it works in both the justice system and politics in the USA. We also know how the lawyers do deals between themselves.

Well I hope the whole set-up by Obama backfires on him big-time. Enough really is enough.

We cannot bring back the life of Trayvon and the people should certainly not make a decision about the case until all of the facts have been heard in court.

As such, I shall say a prayer for George, and keep him and his family in my heart during this difficult time. If the USA does not give justice to George, then there is no justice in the world. This case was specifically brought to my attention due to the American media circus. The American media are still to learn that people are human, they are not to be treated like animals that you hunt down, and persecute just because you choose to do so.

George Zimmerman, a man that mentored African-American children is clearly a compassionate man. A man that gave his free time to look out for the children and homes in his neighborhood. Where is your compassion America?

If there is any justice in the USA then George will be given a fair hearing, if he does not get a fair hearing. You can be sure that the case will not end with the courts decision. The campaigns will go on for years to free him from what Obama and his supporters have done. You can understand why Rev 13 tells them that they are not written in the lambs book of life.

My prayers are with you George at this time, I put you and your family in the hands of the LORD God to help you. I ask the heavenly Father with all my heart, to help you and for justice to be done.


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