Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Today, I received an email from a friend with some more information about the Holy Thorn Tree incident at Glastonbury. In the article from the Daily Telegraph there was this fact.

Each year a sprig from another Holy Thorn tree in the town is cut for the Queen, a tradition which dates back more than 100 years. The Queen places the sprig on her dining room table on Christmas Day. The cutting ceremony took place on Wednesday, hours before the overnight attack.” [1] 

The incident at Glastonbury was no coincidence, it is symbolic of the beginning of the end of the British Monarchy, this is just one of many signs that have been given. 

After that I was posting in the comments section on the previous post. Whilst doing so God said 'You are the divine court'. The divine court is the sanhedrin in Judaism. However, the Maya also had a divine court. [2] In other words his law is given through his Harp of Faithfulness. His justice, his judgements. That is why his Son predicted that the law is written in the 'Son of Man' that would come. 

As far as the British monarchy are concerned, they must give back the lands, properties and the riches back to the people from whence it came. The British monarchy have no sovereignty over the people of the LORD God. 

The sovereign LORD put his holy one, his flame of Joseph in the position that he planned for her to be in. his divine court. The responsibility is upon her shoulders, the key of David is with her to help the people in this timeline. She is the governor that was predicted to come, as such, humanity must abide by it or the nations will perish as the prophecies convey. 

There is nothing that I can do to change his mind or heart. God's heart is set on removing the oppressors from the lands of the nations. His heart is set on helping the people to have their freedom and free food. To live in harmonic concordance with the spiritual law. To live for him and not to die for him. His heart is set on New Jerusalem, an ecological, self-sustainable healing city of enlightenment. To defend the eco-system of the planet and the tree of life. 

His heart is open wide to those that wish to enter it, to those that embrace his divine will and divine plan for humanity. His heart knows that these changes are not easy, and that it will take time for humanity to integrate the great blessing that he has bestowed upon you. The choice given was the 'way of man' -v- 'way of the Spirit' and humanity have experienced the 'way of man' and it has witnessed where that has taken humanity. 

Now it is time for change in this new Age of Aquarius,  and for humanity to redeem itself and teshuvah to the sacred and all that is holy, those that do not do so will not be staying on this planet. It is that simple. You have seen how political leaders are being swept away by their own co-creation. It is only just the beginning of what is coming to be. These last days of the end times, will be shortened for the sake of the spiritually elect and the innocent children of the world. 

Only the blessed can enter the divine court. Only the worthy are worthy to see her face, her voice heals and the legions of Angels hear her voice, the word inspires people to review realities in a different way. Her hand that he gave her breaks the never ending cycles, her hand is his hand for his will to be done. As was predicted the truth will set them free in this timeline. The divine court exists, it is in operation and the LORD God predicted that there would be a divine operation. 

When humanity require a divine operation, it means that if they do not allow the operation then they will die and the LORD God would like all to live. To tell your children of this divine operation that is taking place, to make the people well again, and to save them from their own self-destruction. 

Only those that truly live in their hearts, can truly embrace this message to you all. 





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