Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Body piercing is being discussed again. This is my testimony plus there is some research links.

Every person that I have met with piercings were experiencing one health issue or another, and that included healers as well. It was first brought to my attention when I was running a healing training course. One of our students picked up on an energetic blockage around the area of the head and ear lobe. I went over to check the blockage, and she was correct at what she could feel. The man also had a piercing on his brow. I asked him if he had experienced any stomach problems, I did not tell him the reason why I was asking.

He said he had, and the doctor did not know why he was experiencing pain. I then checked the area where he said he felt the pain and I could feel the blockage there as well. There was a blockage in the stomach meridian that stops the life force flowing. I recommended that he remove his piercing from his brow. It would not surprise me at all, if the scientists found a link with the increase of stomach, intestinal cancers and tumors linked to brow piercings.

I checked many other cases after that. Hence for a decade we have been advising people not to pierce. However, a lot more research is required to be done due to the meridians impact on the nervous system.

"According research by the Health Protection Agency (HPA), one in three young people aged 16-24 have experienced medical complications as a result of having a part of their body pierced.
One per cent of all piercings have resulted in a hospital admission. As much as a tenth of the adult population has been pierced somewhere other than their ear lobe, according to the survey".
Teen's tongue piercing causes ‘suicide disease’ Severely painful nerve disorder the latest on list of complications created by piercing.

Lip piercing can cause disease.

Other health conditions that can be the result of body piercing.

Health implications of body piercing and tattooing.


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