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Holy Beggar Sadhu

This is an update on the 'Holy Beggar'. Our first post that mentioned it was on the 22nd August, 2011. [1] I was sure that I had written a complete post on it. However, there appears to be a few posts mentioning it. Here is one of the comments from a different post.

"When a spiritual person is in the phase of the 'holy beggar', it is for the sole purpose of showing humanity their own level of mercy and compassionate action and denial of it."  It also shows you who is real and who truly understands its purpose for being. 

An aspect that I would like to share with you today, is to with independence. When a person is experiencing the  'holy beggar' initiation, they have no independence. Do you understand what that means? It means that you are totally dependent on the charity of others, and totally reliant on God and his will for you. Its to show humanity the sheer depth of trustful loyalty, and faithfulness to the will of God regardless of the circumstances that you are in. Initiations are not something you choose on a conscious level, they happen to you because you are either ready for them, or they have a divine purpose to help humanity.  

The 'Holy Beggar' initiation is known in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism, although my experience of it and its purpose does differ in this particular case. Some say that the Sadhu burns the Vedas, well I didn't have to do that because the Vedas was not a part of my life. I had no requirement for it, anymore than I had any requirement for a copy of the bible. The biblical work was given much later in life for divine purpose. 

Imagine a country without independence having to serve others, and then you will get an idea of the sheer immensity of it. Ponder upon all of the countries that fought for their independence. Imagine being an independent person all of your adult life, than that independence being completely swept away. It is the very last part of any identity that you once had, gone. You're no longer the person that you once was, you do not function in the world the way that you once did. Just like the recluse you become, you are no longer a part of it. Like Jesus said 'I am in this world but not from this world'. 

Some Christians believe that this kind of dependence is only warranted by God's appointment, a Divine appointing,  and refer to the 23rd verse of Isaiah, 'I will fasten him has a nail in a sure place'. They speak of the ennobling of ELIAKIM, [5] However, the Christians put full dependence on Jesus Christ without understanding his teaching about the heavenly Father. My dependence is on the heavenly Father by divine appointment. All that I became is what he made me to be for his divine purpose. The biblical prophecies also predicted that the herald would come at the appointed time, the appointed time to run with that particular prophecy was in 2009. 

Interesting that Tibet is in the news today, and the Dalai Lama said 'Tibetans are not seeking outright independence from China but "enough autonomy" for the survival of their culture'. [2] Is that a diplomatic compromise? It sounds like it, and God said 'No compromise'. 

While looking for previous posts written by yours truly. I came across a 'Holy Beggar Blogspot' as well that you might like to view. [3] They ask the question what came first the charity or the begging? In my own case, the fundraising for charity came first, decades ago. 

However, the heavenly Father called the timeline 'Pauper', a poor person eligible for public charity. Looking back, it began in January 2009 with the ELIAKIM gateway straight after this blog began. [4]
Then in October 2010, the heavenly Father called out to me SADHU. [6] When I wrote about the Sadhu in 2010, I mentioned the clothing aspects. However, since that time, I have found myself dressed in very little. Literally, just wrapped in material, not getting dressed, not doing anything that I was once known to do. There was very little care for the physical being, because the physical didn't matter to me. I ate when I could, slept when I was ready to, bathed for hours regularly.  

However, I feel change is coming, may the heavenly Father will it so. 

Be noble in holiness 



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