Friday, 27 April 2012

Carl A.Anderson 'Knights of Columbus'

Following on from the 'Benedict XVI Fragmented' post. What else do we find? A man that goes by the title of 'Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson. He spoke at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in D.C on the 19th of April, 2012. The news article says that he is the 'leader of the Knights of Columbus' and he called for 'strong Catholic witnesses'. ' A new Great Awakening in America' and for Catholics to 'play a greater role than ever before'.

He shares how Catholicism provides 'personal autonomy' and spoke of the 'hostility' to the 'religious institutions' and the recent 'infringements',  'intolerance' and 'violations' of them.

Carl calls the 'label', 'Catholic' an 'identity' and mentions the 'struggle' due to 'established power structures'.

Why do Catholics require an 'identity', do the people not have one of their own? You know what the 'struggle' is about don't you? Israel means 'struggle with god' and the Vatican has always struggled against the Jewish people and Israel. Rome did its utmost to replace the Jewish people, and their spiritual inheritance.

Well is there anything Supreme about what the Vatican has done to the indigenous peoples down the ages? No. Who are the 'Knights of Columbus and the strong Catholic witnesses? Reminds me of Rev 11 and the two witnesses. The Knights of Columbus were formed in the USA in 1882 by an Irish American, the organization was named in honor of Christopher Columbus.

This is their logo, notice the symbology of the 'sword', the 'axe' and the 'anchor'. All three of those together relate to the military. In its profile it states that there are 1.8 million members, in 15,000 different councils. Membership is restricted to men 18 and over. They are also heavily entrenched in at least 200 colleges and heavily involved with insurance. The look just like the masons, they have degrees and book of rites. JFK and Ted Kennedy were members, and so is Alan Keyes.

Benedict XVI, has even declared six 'Knights of Columbus' as saints. Now let us review again what Carl Anderson had to say on the 19th of April.

'Hostility', 'Institutions', 'Infringements', 'Intolerance', 'Violations', 'established power structures'. You know what they say Carl, what goes around, comes around. The spiritual law is like a boomerang especially when Saturn is in Libra.

No surprise then that Anderson is involved with the Vatican Bank, he has degrees in philosophy and law. Clearly, one order was not enough for Carl, he is also a Knight of St Gregory the Great, that one admits his wife as well.

Well Carl, you might be a knight of Columbus, Gregory and Benedict. However, you are not a Knight of the wondrous woman from heaven. Anyone that stands with the Vatican and its bank, stands in opposition of Jesus Christ and his holy ones. Did you not know that the Son of God stood against the 'money changers' and their bankers, yet you are associated with the Vatican and its bank?

Teshuvah Carl, Teshuvah



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