Monday, 19 November 2012


You may remember that in the recent 'Diwali Total Solar Eclipse' article, I mentioned that it came on the 'Day of the Commentator' e.g. the 13th of November. No surprise then that after the solar eclipse people are being featured has commentators in respect of freedom of speech; and the real issues that everyone is concerned about.

This also comes on a day when it is reported that a Christian Orthodox woman from Russia became a suicide bomber for Islam. From wedding dress to suicide vest: 

How Russian Islamic convert kissed her daughter goodbye and blew herself up at cleric's home
    •    Aminat Kurbanova, 29, of Dagestan, seen smiling on wedding day in 2003
    •    Brought up as an Orthodox Christian and met husband at drama college
    •    But she converted to Islam in 2007 and blew herself up three months ago
    •    Brother-in-law introduced her to Islam but later died; as did her husband
This my dears, will happen more and more, because Islam convince them that their prophet was the last one; with the last testimony. It really is time the world was told the truth.


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