Sunday, 25 November 2012


As I mentioned this forthcoming lunar eclipse is on the 'Day of the Lone Wolf' and we shared about the 'Drones' in our previous post titled 'Go Swift Messengers' [1]

Today, RT have featured news that 'Drone tests are taking place in West Wales' and the locals are not happy about it or its noise. The British government have disposed of 40,000 troops this December, although they have invested 2 billion in drone technology, and are planning to spend another 2 billion upon it.

This huge amount of money is being spent at a time when the UK is witnessing the greatest poverty since WW2; due to the stealth taxes on the poor, and the rich paying no taxes. The UK government are in the process of taxing the chain stores extra for trading in cigarettes and booze. Again, it is another stealth tax on the food stores and yet, the stores do not stand up to the government that imposes such measures. It is simply the imposition of another tax; that will be passed onto the consumer.

Wales reminds me of the sheepdogs that I saw the other morning. There was a mother and her pup running.  The mother came to me as soon as she saw me, then after she left, the pup came to me. Then they both followed their owner, running back and forth, between me and the owner. The grass was very muddy and slippery due to the sheer amount of rainfall. I was pondering on the fact that the boots on my feet had been worn for 22 winters, and they are still going strong.

Adam's mum had a lovely large sheepdog, a black and white border collie,  and if I remember correctly, his name was Socks, due to his white feet. When I was a teenager, border collies were seen a lot in Wales herding the sheep. They are excellent sheep herders, and being working dogs, they like to have a job to do.  'In January 2011, a Border Collie was reported to have learned 1,022 words, and acts consequently to human citation of those words'. 

I liked Wales but it rained the whole time I was there. I returned to Wales in the 90's, for nine days to attend a training course, and it rained again. So if you like the rain, Wales is the place for you. Its amazing that the Welsh have managed to keep their celtic language and there has been talk of both Wales and Ireland leaving the United Kingdom, like Scotland. 

In my experience the border collie is a very loving and affectionate dog. No coincidence then that my son Jordan was born in the Chinese Year of the Dog, and after I returned from my walk, he popped into see me that day. Mum and child united, just like the dogs that morning. I remember when I was in Israel and the Rebbe appeared before me and he said 'The mothers of the children will listen to you'. He was happy about what had taken place when I visited Israel in 2007,  and he urged me to continue. 

It was while I was in mystical Safed that the Rebbe appeared to me for the very first time. In my experience Safed shines like a golden city. The Christ energy is very powerful there, on the North side of the Sea of Galilee. 

Also on that day, Hashem spoke about the importance of the star of david to the being of people, and he said that once people understand its importance to their own being, then they will be ready for the next phase of their evolution. No surprise then that the name 'DAVID' is a popular name in Wales and has we know it means 'beloved'. Adam's surname and my married name is also a Welsh name, it was also the name of my great grandfather on my Father's side.  So there is strong links with the land of Wales and its link with the Apostles. 




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