Sunday, 4 November 2012


Today I had a lucid dream, and I saw a vision of the spiritual flowers that Christ had given me, and he was with me, and the flowers that were blossoming with a beautiful fragrance. 

Then I saw the painting of their exploding hearts, and its was being trampled upon by others. This is a warning dream blessed ones. 


Then when I went to youtube there was a video about this mosque that they are planning to build in London. They are planning to build a mosque in East London that will be four times the size of St Paul's Cathedral. It is intentional by Islam, to create a bigger building than the one that represents Christianity in London. If this building goes ahead, then it is a sign to Muslims that the Christians have been defeated in the UK. That is the intention of the Muslims that are behind the building of what is being called a 'Mega Mosque'. 

The Christian lady in the video speaks of the orthodox Muslims and that what this group teaches is 'medieval', e.g. belonging to the dark ages.  The Christian man in the video also tells the people that if this mosque goes ahead, then everyone should leave the UK, because the darkness would have befallen it. A Muslim man also speaks out against it, and informs us that Muslim women have no say in its organization or running of it. Muslims themselves are also against the building of this mosque featured in this news video.

A planned 10,000-capacity 'mega mosque' in East London is under consideration by city authorities as locals mount a campaign to halt construction amid fears it will become a hotbed of Islamic extremism. The gigantic mosque, four times the size of St. Paul's Cathedral, will sport towering 40-foot minarets, an Islamic library, sports facilities and eight apartments. READ MORE:

Mercy beyond measure for my people and their hearts. 


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