Thursday, 15 November 2012


In the last post I mentioned 'Mirabel' and the foundation for children in Australia that is to do with parents that were 'addicted' to drugs. Fortunately, addiction to drugs was not something that I was ever involved in.

Today, I am pondering upon my Saturn Return that is arriving during this Saturn in Scorpio transit. If my memory serves me well, I move into my second return on the 21st December, 2012. Apparently it will be in 9 degrees Scorpio. Has we know nine is the number of completion and divine love.

I am reviewing if there are any repeating patterns that have not been removed since the last saturn return. So for instance when did this great passion for children arise? Was it when I had my son Jordan?

We know that love in an earthly sense can be 'addictive' and that can be a 'destructive' pattern. However, my son and I, are both Aquarians, so we have been blessed with an 'emotional detachment' in that regard. The moon is also under the feet of the wondrous woman from heaven by the time she arrived in the Rev 12 timeline that ended in 2008.

It begs the question can LOVE be addictive in a divine sense? Christians get addicted to Jesus is that divine? From experience I would say no. Jesus did not ask for them to be 'addicted' to him. In fact, he rebuked the Apostles if and when they were intoxicated with his energy. I use the word intoxicated because he used the word 'drunk', like the elephants in India featured on the blog the other day.

If I had to describe our friendship and relationship it was free flowing, he came when he chose to do so, and my arms and heart were always open to receive him. I appreciated greatly anything that he chose to bestow and share with me. He and his word was always honored.

Can people become intoxicated with the spiritual journey and with God? I would say yes they can. 

In the same way that they can in any relationship. In the beginning, the love can be so gloriously overwhelming, people can become what was known as 'workshop junkies'. It has often been said that the spiritual high, is the best high in the world. So what happens if you live on that high constantly? Do you know? In my experience, you have to be well equipped, to live at the peak of spiritual fitness. 

Another example; is when the hippies were intoxicated with their new found freedom and love power. Did the hippies become intoxicated with that love power and the power of love? The films show us that was definitely the case. So how many hippies arrived at their second Saturn Return having healed everything from their first return? How many moved from flower power love into righteous love that is demonstrated by zealous compassionate action? Or did they just keep that love for themselves instead of spreading it around the world? 

Isn't that song appropriate for now,  'might as well face it, you are addicted to love'. It is those that are addicted to love; that find it the hardest to accept the teacher of righteousness. However, the song is also by 'Florence + Machine'. Florence then links us into Italy, and the beginning of a whole phase in my life that began during the Harmonic Concordance in November 2003. Florence Nightingale against the machine! No surprise then that in the UK there has been an announcement, that a new political party is being launched by the doctors to defend the National Healthcare System. No coincidence than this also happens in the timeline of Ron Paul and Jill Stein in the USA. Both doctors. 

In 2003, I was healthy, reasonably physically fit, and a non-smoker. I had started an adapted version of the Atkins diet to lose weight, and I was feeling fantastic and looking great. I disposed of nearly two stone in weight. Within months everything changed. There was a short-lived relationship with an academic. After that the smoking Messiah mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls came to be. Bizarre! 

So was I always a smoker? No. I didn't start smoking until I met my husband at the age of 25. I have accessed the pattern on a healing level, and my body relates smoking with happiness in relationships. That is probably past life as well to do with peace pipes. 

If your body relates tobacco with happiness and peace, it then impacts positively. Like anything, if your body likes a particular food, the body will take the most benefit from that which you consume. 

It isn't an addiction, in the normal sense has many people experience it, because I've never had any problem stopping. When have I, ever done anything normal? I ask myself.  Rarely, extraordinary people do extraordinary things, even when it is only to please the LORD God. 

I have a real sense that we are coming to the time for another good health drive, so what happens to the Messiah, if the Messiah doesn't smoke anymore has the prophecies predicted? It will be fun to find out. If I remember correctly, I am hidden in the clouds of smoke until the LORD chooses to remove the smoke screen. Its coming folks, its coming, I can feel it in my water. 

For those that don't know, this isn't just about one person, this is about ushering in the whole messianic kingdom, and bringing salvation and redemption to humanity. 

Am I addicted to enlightenment? No, otherwise I wouldn't have moved into righteousness after the Spirit was born again.  Am I addicted to any terms, titles or labels? Again I have to say no. The Jewish prophets gave me more than I can count on two hands anyway. Seriously, who requires any at all? Are they essential to bringing salvation to humanity? Not has far as I am concerned. 

The Jewish prophets exalted me, because the LORD God compelled them to do so. All I have been doing is unveiling has ordained to do for divine purpose and intervention. 

Do I exalt the Son of God above myself? Indeed I do. Although he ensured that I met him face to face and danced with him in equality. Precious and beloved times that I will always treasure. I will also remember the day that he knelt before me like my mother did after she had passed over. When he knelt before me, he was kneeling before the LORD God, because my little feet were standing upon his at the time. I was like a little child standing on his feet. It was a very humbling divine experience. People ask me whether I consider myself to be human or divine? I consider myself to be both, as the two became one. 

Now this solar eclipse has been about 'Path of Service' and the 'Cause greater than the self'. Do you honestly think I would have endured what I have endured, if it had not been a cause greater than the self? 

Seriously folks, nobody in a human mind would consciously choose the journey that I've walked this lifetime. Only the divine can see the higher perspective of it all, and how everything had a reason for being. Even down to making the bed covering that is mentioned in Proverbs 31, in the color that is mentioned. The simplest, as well as the most important details are mentioned in the bible; and all part of the divine plan. 


Now that brings us back to the first Saturn Return again. Interesting that in the lead up to this return I began painting pattern mandalas for the first time in my life. The mandalas are also to do with the path of enlightenment.  I also bought some wool and a crochet hook. I loved to crochet when I was a child and teenager. I made a beautiful white circular christening shawl, and I carried Jordan home from the maternity unit in it; during the first saturn return. I kept it, until we went abroad in 1998. 

Is blogging an addiction? That's like saying is writing in a diary an addiction. Am I writing for myself? Clearly not by the number of page views we receive. In the last month, those page views have nearly doubled. No two days are ever the same are they? We always have a different view and something new to share. Always moving on, always sharing. Is sharing an addiction? That's like saying is 'being' an addiction? It just IS! It just happens! Its a different experience everyday.  Hence, why I love this song that the Son of God bestowed to me on Christmas eve in 2008. 'Nothing Else Matters'. Just us, doing what we do best. Sharing and caring fully, with a different view everyday. 

Is the internet an 'addiction', I would say, it can become so. Especially, for those that live alone and most of their communication with the outside world is done via the medium. Some people find it hard to leave particular communities when it is time to wave goodbye. Its a bit like leaving your family, or your home town. 

I realize has I write this; that I have now lived here longer than I lived in London. The place of my physical birth. People who were born here, move away, and most always come back to it. Its a special place, could I leave it? Yes, indeed I could, if it is divine will for me to do so. 

So is divine will an addiction? It is who you become when you are truly aligned with the LORD.  The divine plan manifests has part of your being of who you are. The book of Revelation informs you that once you are in this space, there is no leaving it. 

It truly is a holy place once you have become the pillar in the temple of God. Will the LORD choose to show the stone pillar to Joshua? Let's wait and see shall we. Let's continue to enjoy the journey together, and watch the wondrous divine plan unfold before our very eyes. 

All we have to remember, is that we are all a part of the divine plan to raise humanity up, and that the cosmos is not a one-way street. In my experience, the more that people heal themselves, the more the divine plan is revealed to them. Why is healing an essential part of it? People have to live in integrity and do what is essential for a cause greater than the self. The heart is compelled by the love of God, and  I know that he has the best interests of humanity in his heart. 

Love and mercy beyond measure 



Anonymous said...

Do you live in Salford or Manchester in England? This is the Queen's land in UK. A few people are speaking about the hidden one so it is interesting times.

Eliakim said...

Indeed, England is the land of Joseph. I do not live in Salford or Manchester.