Friday, 2 November 2012


In response to the post about the 'baptism', [1] a lady from the USA responded by sending me a quote  from Mark. In response to her, I asked her that if that was true; why are so many Christians dying of tumors and being murdered?  Has she read chapter 28 Deuteronomy about the tumors? I also gave her quotes from the book of Matthew to ponder upon.

Matthew 10:21-23, Matthew 10:40-42, I also shared about what Jesus said about the 'Sheep and the Goats'. Matthew 25:31-46. How the community is divided into two sides in this timeline.  Has we know, the sheep are symbolic of the tender and gentle hearted that do not fight each other. Joel 2 mentions how those of the light of love stay on the right course.


The goats are symbolic of the goats that fight violently with their heads. They head butt and lock their horns. Jesus was giving you symbology of  nature; so that you could understand the simplicity of his teaching of the spiritual law of the prophets. He was sharing the difference between the innocent that come from their hearts and those that live in their heads. That is the difference between the gentle lambs and the goats.

What else did I receive today in my inbox? An email from an American that were calling Australians 'stupid' for giving up their guns. I have lived in Australia for one year, and I can declare that Australia is very different from the USA. The two countries are opposite ends of the pole. Although it had begun to  follow in the footsteps of the USA; due to the amount of American investment that had been made there. An Australia businessman also informed us that the American corporations do not pay any taxes there either. Australia lived off the back of its workers and the tax it can take from them. However, most of the people that I met were very happy people, it was the children that were suffering and that was due to various different reasons.

I found the spiritual Australians to be truly amazing people; and they lived in zero judgement of yours truly. They also helped me beyond measure, when I was living there.

As far as Americans calling Australians 'Stupid', clearly they speak of themselves. India got rid of the British not through violence but through the way of peace. The same in Egypt as well. Their government was removed by mainly peaceful means, when the uprising took place in 2011. As the scripture stated, the uprising in Egypt was the LORD's testimony for Joseph.

Remember this that 'violence begats more violence', it is all part of the physics of the cosmos, of cause and effect. That is why the USA is such a violent nation, compared with the nations of other peoples. Not only in deed, but in thought and word as well. That is why the LORD God sent his 'Lord of the Breakthrough' to help them in this timeline. His daughter ZION that was given her kingship. Micah 4.

The verse of the day was from Peter, and it is about those that were called out of the darkness and into the wonderful light. 1 Peter 2:9


How wonderful is that when it takes place in your life. I was called out of the darkness, I was called out of the business and corporate world that helped me to become a tax collector by collecting VAT and other taxes. That is what business people have become, tax collectors. Has soon as my company was turning over enough that I had to collect the VAT, I was called out of it.

I was called out of many different realities that were not healthy for me. That is what happens when you truly are of the light, when you truly are an innocent and gentle lamb that can see the wonderful spiritual light.

I have called the Americans out of the Church to help them due to the prophecies predicting that they will burn in the flames. Just like the Prince of Peace Church in Philadelphia; burned to the ground in the flames in April 2008. However, only they can choose to listen and hear the one that was sent to help them in this timeline. The gentle and soft waters of Shiloh did come to help them, the paraclete did come to them, it was pre-ordained, the scepter did leave Judah exactly has the book of Genesis predicted.


Mercy beyond measure


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