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I was guided to give a friend some 'Glycerin with Blackcurrant'. After I gave her the glycerin, she mentioned that she had also been guided to buy some blackcurrant.

So what is so special about this humble fruit? The Daily Mail share with us that this fruit contains the highest level of health-boosting antioxidants - natural compounds credited with the ability to stave off a range of illnesses from heart disease to cancer. Research shows that the garden blackcurrant is more nuitritious than other fruits and the British blackcurrant is the healthiest fruit of all. It is the number one superfruit.

Dr Stewart reached his conclusions by analysing the findings of dozens of research papers published by other scientists.

Well that is a great health booster for the Brits!

When I was a child my mother used to give us Ribena to drink. Ribena was developed by a scientist. Dr Vernon Charley, from the University of Bristol. It is written that during and after the world war, the drink was distributed to the children for free. [2] Blackcurrant smoothies would be great for you and here is a recipe. [3] 

The Blackcurrant Foundation share the latest research including that this wonderful fruit can prevent muscle damage; and Israeli scientists have discovered that it can indeed reduce the risk of heart disease. They have also been found to help the recovery of cystitis. Bladder problems can be related to anxiety. So for instance if women become anxious about their sexuality and what takes place in the bedroom, or even when women become anxious about the menopause and the aging process.  

This fruit is good for women and anyone that has a history of any gynaecological issues; for the men I would recommend it has a prevention for prostrate cancer. [4]. In all of the case histories of prostrate cancer; money was a major issue. Hence, the connection with the word 'anxious'. People who are anxious over their financial situation, can step into co-creating cancer when it goes beyond being 'anxious' because cancer is a 'fear-based' disease and it can be triggered by the 'stress of the fear.' 

Has I wrote in the 90's, 'Don't worry, be happy'. What is the worse that can happen? That you become homeless? Did Jesus have a home? The scripture tells you that he had nowhere to lay his head. In other words he did not have the pillar to place his head upon, like people do today. The pillar that he said would come, is here for those have the eyes to see it. 


When I look at blackcurrants they remind me of the forest fruits. Forest fruits that grew naturally and free when the people lived in the forests amongst the trees. You can be creative with black currants, you can make sauces, jelly, tea, you could even include it in your Christmas stuffing or gravy. Then we have the cheesecake and a simple yoghurt.

How appropriate then that this crimson smoothie aligns with the biblical sharing in respect of the bed covering mentioned in Proverbs 31,  and yours truly.  The woman of noble character. Blackcurrants are  British, small, and round. The small frame also relates to the small frame of Messiah Joseph that was predicted to come. 

It is clear to me that Blackcurrant works with the memory frequencies on a vibrational level. Not only with the water works, also with skin conditions as well. It is particularly good for people who are resisting the healing process. Hence, it is excellent for children to drink. 

For instance you could recognize that a person has a blockage that is stopping them from receiving abundance. You repeatedly ask them to do an inner child meditation; and they repeatedly refuse. In the biblical teachings if and when help is offered and it is refused; it is due to their hearts being 'stubborn'. Modern day we tend to speak in terms of 'inflexible' or not going with the  'flow' of the river', or resisting the changes that are required. 

Sometimes it can be when people are simply not listening, and it indicates that they are still 'struggling with god'. So this fruit is very good for Israel and Israeli's due to its connection with the solar plexus of power. 

Wood energy, wooden heads like the wooden tops,  is very powerful with these people due to past lives and past life experiences, the question is what happened in those woods in these British Isles?  What memories from those woods are impacting on the now? Has we know the peasants and villagers lived in the woods, so most of what happened in their lives, happened there. 

When I meet a person who is in wood energy, I have been known to tap on their heads and ask is there anyone in there? These people have an issue with the authority figure and that can also relate to this life to do with either mother or father. In spiritual psychology, mother impacts on relationships and father impacts on career. 

People in wood energy do not like to be helped, they think they already know, and because it is not in their currant nature to accept help, due to them liking to be independent and a 'lone wolf', it blocks them from coming into the unity of the being self-sustainably. As such, they tend to cut themselves off from those that can help them the most. Has I have already explained, this lunar eclipse has been about the end of people being the 'lone wolf', it is the next level of people coming into the 'interdependence', of the team and the true community of the spiritual family. 

No coincidence then that I knew a man in recent years, who simply would not allow me to help him. He had prostrate cancer, and because he was in wood energy, the prostrate cancer then developed into brain cancer and then he died. That indicates a man with a wooden head has described above, the eco-warrior simply refused the healer that the LORD God had sent to help him. As such, he went his own way and he perished for doing so, that is what the LORD calls 'stubborn hearted', he would rather die than accept the holy one and who they are. 

Has a flower essence the blackberry is for grounding ideas into reality and it is one of the Sun Essences range from Norfolk where Dr Bach collected the flower of the fruit.  'This essence is indicated when a person has lots of ideas  but seems to be unable to find enough will to bring them into reality, perhaps due to the perceived pain of living. Blackberry can harness power and energy, helping one to focus on and attain a goal without distraction'. 

No surprise then that the essence works with the lymph glands and it is most effective when Venus and Mercury are in conjunction. It is ideal for people who are being asked to embrace the new that is being offered to them. It aids vitality and assimilation of what is being shared. No surprise than that Gurudas also recommends it for fertility and for meditation. Its idea for people that may have been fragmented, that then contributed to the ingrained wood energy memories in this life or a past one. 

If a person had a past life experience in a wood, then this essence would be ideal for them to take after the past life session to help them to integrate what they are required to truly understand on multi-dimensional levels. 


Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing by Gurudas

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