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The heavenly Father, the LORD God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob said 'Its like playing a game of poker'. I don't play poker, although I understand how it is a game played by individuals. Source link states that 'the winner is determined by the ranks and combinations of their cards. Some of the cards that are laid down remain hidden until the end of the game'.

Well he certainly kept me and his cards hidden in his hand for a very long time. However, I once said to the Obama supporters, 'I only have ACE cards in my right hand' when they kept on throwing their 'race card' at me. Some of the Americans found that rather amusing. However, the LORD does not only have cards in his hand, he said that the proof is written in the flesh of my right hand. It has since been revealed to me; that his name is also written in the flesh of my left hand.

In this video about poker, you will see two cards with the number 7 and the Queens. The 7.7. relates to 'Sandy Storm', and the Queens relates to NYC and what has happened there. Remember that in the place of the fire at Queens, there was also a rainbow of hope, the rainbow of Joseph and the coat of many colors. The rainbow of the true covenant that the LORD God made with his people and the children of the world.

Now remember this, he did not say it was a 'game of poker'. He said that it was like it. This video also mentions the 'Royal Flush' and if you got the royal flush then you did really well. Big smiles!

The video about the poker game also mentions the 'HOUSE', and the 'BOAT'. You can understand the boat in terms of the 'Holy Mariner' and it also applies to the 'Judgement' card. The house is to do with New Jerusalem and its plans thereof. As the scripture states 'Where is the house you will build for me?".

Why is it that what the LORD does is different to what man does if they are made in his image?

His holy ones do not 'gamble', they do not 'bet', they are not 'traders' or 'merchants'. They do not work in the financial industry or on the stock markets. They do not gamble with their own lives, you will not find them in the military, nor are they gun owners.

The holy ones are totally devoted and dedicated to the LORD God and the spiritual path of service that was given to them. The ACE cards that the holy ones hold in their hands; is completely different to the ace cards that man holds. The holy ones do not play games, they stand in integrity, what they hold in their hands, is revealed at the right time and in the right place. It is a revelation that is divinely given.

The word 'Poker' is also interesting has in olden days they used an iron poker to poke the black coals in the fire. Hence the saying, 'Red Hot Poker'. A game that is like poker is 'Black Jack' and has we know the Son of God said that the 'USA was the house that Jack Built'. No coincidence then that we can see how that relates to Obama and the Democrats. Although the Republicans and Mitt were singing 'We built it'. They certainly did build Churches, religious buildings that the bible warned them against that. No religious building were to be built upon the foundations of Jesus Christ, they were warned that they would burn in the flames if they did so.

Why was that? The Lute of Lovingkindess knew that the LORD God would send his Harp of Faithfulness with the plans for New Jerusalem. New Jerusalem, a place were there are no religious buildings, and no worship.

The Son of God knew that the exact location would be given, and that the LORD would reveal his 'arm', his 'hand', and what he calls 'his feet',  in the last days of the end times. The prophecies predicted that he would glorify the place of 'his feet'. In other words he would glorify the place where the feet went and was sent to help the nations.

It is no coincidence that the Aquarian water carrier is the Queen of Swords and Roses grow on her so that they can blossom in the most amazing ways. She holds the sword of truth in her hand. Has we know, 'The point of the sword of truth is to prick the conscience of those that are sleeping'. from Sacred Words. No surprise then that she worked with Archangel Michael during the Rev 12 timeline, and Michael M Mauldin in the Micah 4 timeline. Prophet Daniel also spoke about her time with Michael, against the Prince of Persia and how the Prince of Greece was part of that timeline has well.

In the major arcane we find the water carrier and it is the 'STAR' card and the word 'Star' appeared in her name during the Rev 12 timeline. She was known has 'Sacred Star', in the on-line spiritual community. It was the name given to her by Archangel Michael and other divine vessels. In the major arcane you will also see the High Priestess card and the Empress, she has the moon under her feet.

She was then sent to Israel in May 2006, that is when the LORD God revealed his May Queen of Hearts. The Queen of Cups.  The May Queen that Led Zeppelin sang about when they sang 'Stairway to Heaven'. They knew that she would be revealed to Israel in May, they also knew that she would be English and be born on an Island exactly as Prophet Isaiah predicted.

It was while she was in Israel that the Israeli's gave her the fruit that appears on the Empress card. That particular fruit is also symbolic of a High Priest/Priestess from the order of Melchizedek.

No surprise then that when the LORD God first revealed her in the Galilee of the Gentiles in the 90's, the banner above her head was the the ACE OF CUPS. It was a sign that summer had come. Although she had not been informed of the sheer importance of that card in its relationship with her path of service. At that time, she knew about White Dove, her Native American life. However, at that time, the LORD had not revealed to her the importance of the water in terms of the book of Genesis. He knew that she was totally innocent of where he was taking her, she had no idea that she was the one that would be given the scepter.

In 2005, the Royal Queen was given a princess to care for, the one that gifted her with the golden gown has mentioned in the psalms. The golden gown that she had been instructed to wear prior to it being gifted to her. The gown that she wore for the second mission to Israel in September 2007. So then we have the third Queen, the Queen of Rods/Wands, dressed in gold that arrived in time for Jewish New Year.

The true branch from the Oak tree of Abraham was given to Israel. What is the importance of the oak tree do you know? They grow big and strong, and they put a lot of effort into everything that they do. That is why he planted her in Jezreel amongst the oak trees. He was saying, here she is, here is the branch that I promised you. Here is the holy mariner that will row the boat of ELOHIM home.

The acorns of love for the children. That same branch was offered to the USA. She also wore the golden gown in St Augustine. The LOVE UNION was given to her in the winter time when she was the Queen of Pentacles. A time when she bestowed much to the people freely; and without charge when she could afford to do so. Orthodox Christian America refused the Christ Vision of the Love Union, in so doing they refused the one that gave it. They also refused the gentle and soft waters of shiloh has Prophet Isaiah predicted. Hence the cost is very high indeed for the orthodox now.

You see you have to have the right cards to be the right winner of his faithfulness and righteousness.
You have to have fulfilled your path of service, and be ready for the next one. You truly have to be the vessel that his Son chose for the heavenly Father; to fulfill the biblical prophecies has ordained. She was victorious and overcome because it was ordained for her to so. Do you know what other cards he gave to her to put in place when required? Let's see shall we, let us see how you respond to this. The mystics down the ages left messages for her everywhere. They knew that she would understand them.

Some people have asked me to reveal the people that can support the truth that I have revealed to you. However, will I reveal to you the holy ones that know me personally, so that you can do to them what what you have tried to do to me? I will defend them always and eternally, just like the LORD God defends me. Remember the mask and legend of Zorro we gave to the children America? You were gifted with wonderful treasure to help you in this timeline, you were also given plenty of advance warning of what was coming to be.

August 2012 

When they cry out to the LORD because of their oppressors, he will send them a defender to rescue them Isa 19:20

Has the LORD God said 'By the time that they find out what we have done, it will too late for them to change it'.

Love and mercy beyond measure


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