Friday, 30 November 2012


Following on from the 'Righteous Reward' post it has been a cosmic day.

In my humble view and experience this is the best campaign since the ‘FREE HUGS’ Campaign, and I shall make a video about it.

Dear all, this lunar eclipse has been filled with blessings and gifts!  How wonderful is that! I was walking across the green. Pondering on the righteous reward given to a man in the 90's, a man that had been selected by the LORD from everyone that was working at the Mind, Body, Spirit exhibitions in the UK. I was wondering if the person knew that the reward had been described in the biblical prophecies. 

Then I noticed that straight in front of me was a book sitting on a park bench.  It was looking at me asking me to pick it up. How amazing is that, has the man that received the reward in the 90's also sold books in our region prior to me meeting him.

However, the book that I received has the title of 'Restoring Grace', it has great significance to yours truly has my second saturn return goes exact on the 29th of December, and in numerics the number 29 is 'Grace Under Pressure'. The man mentioned above and I. also know a local clairvoyant/medium with the name of GRACE!. I haven't seen her since my return from Australia. 

The 29th of December is also the 'Day of Preeminence'.

I also have a couple of books to finish, in terms of writing them. So the blessing received today was definitely divine providence.

When you come across the book, it gives you a message and thanks you for finding it. It informs you that it is a special book that is traveling around the world and making new friends. 

It says ‘Please take me home with you and look inside my cover to find out more.’ Inside the package it asks you to make someone happy by letting them know that you have found the book. Inside the book that you receive there is a number, you then put that number into the ‘book crossing’ website,  and it links you directly to the person that left the book for you.

How amazing is that!

The man that left the book for me to find, also purchased it from a Children’s Charity Shop in our town.

The San Francisco Chronicle describes it has like finding a message in a bottle, and I can assure you that it is magical.

If you would like to get involved then here is the link.

I am still smiling and that is a miracle in itself.

Love beyond measure 


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