Thursday, 15 November 2012


While I was sharing with some Christians in the USA, the LORD God said 'There is no turning back the clock now'. That tells me that it is a time of movement, because in the past he did say that he was giving people time to catch up.

On the 7th of November, 2012 an American Christian had blogged with the title 'No Turning Back Now' [1] it is indicative of what the Son of God said 'The Church gives the people a false sense of security'. Christian America have no comprehension at all, that the paraclete, the advocate that Jesus promised his followers would come to help them. Arrived on USA soil in 2008, then the Prince of Peace Church in Philadelphia burnt to the ground.

As the bible states the LORD's rebuke comes with fire. No coincidence then that Prophet Obadiah referred to Joseph has the flame, Jacob the fire and Esau has stubble. ESAU being symbolic of the USA. In the quote that the Americans gave you find these words.

'Thy hand shall be lifted up upon thine adversaries, and thine enemies shall be cut off. And I will gather my people together, as a man gathereth his sheaves into the floor. For I will make my people with whom the Father hath covenanted'. 

No surprise either that the second rich man's home has burnt down in England, within a week of each other.

When the LORD God said 'There is no turning back the clock now', he was telling the people that they cannot change what we were sharing with them. They cannot change who I am ordained to be. There is no turning back because it is ordained and part of the divine plan. Has I have shared before, they simply do not have a choice in the matter. The LORD God is in charge of the time, and its clock, as well as of yours truly.

In my humble view, it also means that people cannot be who they were in the past. Life has changed, and humanity have no option but to change with it. Ultimately, change is the only constant.

Has the LORD said 'My love is so profound, they do not understand it'.

This song is perfect for this post.

Its by Robert Plant and its called 'Big Log'.

My love is in league with the freeway
It's passion will ride, as the cities fly by
And the tail-lights dissolve, in the coming of night
And the questions in thousands take flight
My love is the miles and the waiting
The eyes that just stare, and a glance at the clock
And the secret that burns, and the pain that won't stop
And it's fuel is the years
Leading me on
Leading me down the road
Driving me on, driving me down the road
My love is exceeding the limit
Red-eyed and fevered with the hum of the miles
Distance and longing, my thoughts do collide
Should I rest for a while, on the side
Your love is cradled in knowing
Eyes in the mirror, still expecting they'll come
Sensing to well, when the journey is done
There is no turning back, no There is no turning back, on the run.
My love is in league with the freeway
Oh, the freeway, and the coming of night-time My love,
My love, Is in league with the freeway. 



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