Thursday, 8 November 2012


Has the heavenly Father said yesterday in respect of the earthquake, 'This is just a glitch'. Canada is quaking again. 

This is the 4th Large Earthquake (5.5 to 7.4) in 24 hours, since the Nov.6,2012 USA ELECTION
- IRAN 5.5 Earthquake
- GUATEMALA 7.5 Megaquake 39 Dead
- PAPUA NEW GUINEA 5.6 Earthquake
- CANADA 6.3 Earthquake
* 6.3 Magnitude
* 10 mls Deep

Seismologist believe that the entire earth is now under a global earthquake risk after the 7.4 Guatemala Megaquake

Jesus Christ predicted that the 'POWERS OF HEAVEN WILL BE SHAKEN'. Luke 21:26 When Jesus spoke of the 'powers of heaven' he was speaking about the spiritual people in the nations. Has we informed the people in 2008, the LORD God is shaking his tree. 

So what is the relevance of the 74? 74 the Hebrew gematria for circuit. e.g the circuit where she was found. So then you can understand that the heavens are being shaken because of her arrival. For the LORD God predicted that he would betroth his people to him by his righteousness and faithfulness. Prophet Hosea predicted that he would plant HER in Jezreel. Indeed he did in May 2006. 

Did Canada get the message or are they like Harvest Army? Clearly, the 'Rock Stars' knew more about her coming than the Christian orthodox. Has the LORD God said 'Rock Stars sang about you'. They did not only sing about yours truly, they also sang about those that would come with me. Prophet Isaiah predict that we would come with signs and symbols, and that it would be a sign for Israel. 

Here are two pattern paintings for two different people in Canada. 

74 is also the value of the name LAMED, and in the ancient pictographs it looks like a J for Joseph. It looks like a Shepherds staff. 74 is also the gematria value of 'Peace', 'Agape', 'Angela' the 'Carmen' singer and dancer from LA. 'Black Eagle' and 'Heal Life'. [2] 

Hence the power of heaven are being shaken so that the fruit of the tree come forth and fulfill their path of service and karmic contracts. They cannot hide in the branches of their organizations for ever. They shall fall from the tree to the earth, so that they fulfill their reason for being. They shall be like compost to the earth to fertilize it and make everything anew. They shall not disregard their treaties with the brotherhood and yours truly. They shall align their wills with divine will and path of service or leave the planet altogether. They shall support the building of New Jerusalem that is ordained to be, or face the consequences for not doing so. For those that live in England, Prophet Isaiah predicted that the land with two kings would be laid to waste. Has we know Clegg and Cameron share the political throne in the UK. Cameron is also involved in Syria and that will certainly impact on the UK in adverse ways. 

Maybe that is another reason that Scotland no longer wishes to be part of the UK. Scotland does not wish to be laid to waste has the prophecy predicts. However, Scotland will also have serious environmental issues to deal with. No Island is safe in this timeline. 

Mercy beyond measure 




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