Saturday, 3 November 2012


Jeff Wayne will be playing live on the 6th of December, 2012. Wembley, UK. The LORD God predicted that he would glorify the place of his feet. That means every place that his 'Lotus Feet' have walked. Every place that he led those feet to go.

The 6th of December, is the 'Day of Extraction'.

Jeff Wayne has indeed been blessed, has were his recording studios.

Wembly, UK was also blessed in 1976.

It was interesting tonight, how those that stand against the holy ones had even come up with a conspiracy against the rock bands that sung of me, the children and this timeline. No surprise then that the LORD God had led me into the world of the 'Rock Stars' during the 1970's, to ensure that we could defeat those that stood against them with their conspiracy theories. Remember that Prophet Isaiah predicted that not everything is a conspiracy.

Mercy beyond measure for my people.


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