Friday, 9 November 2012

Wedding Pattern

I now have some more paint and am painting again. This mandala is for a couple that were married today. They married on the 'Day of Temptation', so this mandala will be very important to them for keeping their hearts united as one.

9th of November, 2012

In the pattern you will see two hearts united as one, and the flowering of their hearts together. The unity of their hearts is on planet earth.  Especially important to them has they plan to live in Brazil full-time. It is then surrounded with the flames of love to keep them together in the glory of true love. 

This is another mandala, this one is for a dear friend who has demonstrated her trustful loyalty to yours truly, I was blessed by her blessing on many divine missions, and we have remained close for a decade. 


The centre of the pattern is a like a lotus flower in the flame colors, it us surrounded by a turquoise diamond for transformation and acceptance. We then have an eight pointed star of Venus, surrounded by colors that are symbolic of the heavens. 

Love beyond measure 


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