Saturday, 10 November 2012


Earlier today, I was about to look at a video about an earthquake in Southern Australia uploaded by  Harvest Army, and the LORD God spoke, he said 'IT IS RATTLING THE SABRE'  Immediately, his words reminded me of 'Star Wars'. However, he was very relaxed when he spoke to me.

The Sabre can be found in fencing and in technology. There is a Sabre computer system that serves travel companies and 400 airlines worldwide. There is also a company in the UK called "Sabre', it carries out scientific evaluation of animal research for relevance to human health. So, the message that I am getting is that they are co-creating some of these earthquakes to see how much you can take. How much will the light of love take before they respond to it. How much can humanity take before it breaks? It is nothing more than scientific research, an evaluation of the spiritual fitness of humanity. Like testing animals in animal laboratories. I remember in the Rev 12 timeline when the divine spoke to me about the menagerie, and asked the people when will you be ready to leave it? 

I took a look at the phrase and it is usually, 'Sabre-rattling' and this is what I found.

'Threatening behaviour which is intended to frighten someone'

I have felt for a while now that 'Harvest Army' work for Obama.

Good then that the LORD God made divine intervention and sent yours truly to keep you up to date with the latest. The LORD did speak to me about earthquakes today, he said the destruction is due to the unwillingness of the people to heal themselves. He spoke of the 'road of destruction', and where it leads. He also spoke of the refusal of the people to return to the sacred. I asked him about the possibility of an earthquake in our town, as it has been known to experience them in its history. He replied '98'. The next 98 in numerical years will be 2098.

Love beyond measure


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Eliakim said...

What comes next, a 6.8 in Burma at Mandalay, big smiles. What does the press report say?

"People are now scared of more earthquakes," he added.