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These videos include visions and messages that someone else received. The first video was uploaded in 2010 and a second was uploaded in 2012. The first video mentions 'tables', and one of the tables has white flowers. The person that received the message was dressed in white and that is also relevant. The first video speaks of the message that 'Chicago will be the first to fall'.

So before you watch the video, let me explain how this relates to yours truly. In the 90's when I was found in the 'Galilee of Gentiles' the other side of having Jordan. I was found wearing white, I always wore the same white outfit when I was working on the exhibition circuit, reading at tables.

I also had white flowers and doves on my table. I still have the table cloths that I used at that time, they are in my healing room. The flowers were usually fresh lilies when I could afford them. There was also a white dove on the banner above my head, and it said 'Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will open'. Sometimes people would give me strange looks when they saw me, they would stop and stare.  At that time, I never understood why. Here is a picture of me taken in that timeline. It was taken by a Reiki healer that was studying photography. This was taken before we left for Australia, so I would have been in my early 40's.

The lady that produced this video relates her message to the prophecy about the herald. The herald is the 'interpreter of the law' predicted in the Dead Sea Scrolls. It was ordained that at the appointed time I would run with the prophecy that I was ordained to run with. E.g. provide a commentary and explanation of the prophecy. The appointed time was in 2009, that was also the year that I produced a paper on the 'Last days of the end times timeline'.

Hab 2 is a prophecy about the oil rich nations not the USA. In my humble view and experience, Hab 2 is about the Islamic nations that destroyed towns and cities and built upon bloodshed. We know it is about Islam, because it tells the non-drinkers to drink. The only oil rich nations that are non drinkers are Islamic ones,  it is part of their law. The Hab 2 prophecy also mentions the destruction of Lebanon (that was carried out by Arafat and his men that began in 1975) and the animals.

However, the fact that the person that produced these videos describes the white flowers is important. She has featured the dove in her video, dressed in white, the white flowers, and she has even included the kind of spiritual music that could be heard at mind, body and soul shows during the 90's. It all adds up.

Hab 2 also mentions a person speaking and there is no one speaking on these videos. Although the woman mentioned by Prophet Hosea, that was sent to Israel and planted in Jezreel, did do conference calls requested by a man in Chicago.

In the second video the person also mentions the secret and they clearly are not aware that the secret was to do with the person that was revealed to the prophets. You will notice the LORD God spoke about his secret when he said 'To HE that understands the promise, there is no secret'. In as much as he was talking about the female Messiah that had remained a secret to those that did not know or understand the predictions about her. My whole life is recorded in the texts. Well I feel that is enough explanation of my connection with the visions that the lady in the USA has received. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

After I saw the first video, I felt that the message that she had received was to do with the fall of Chicago that we have already witnessed. E.g. the fact that the Catholic Church and its members are worshipping the Islamic Fatima in a red burka. However, now I have seen the second video it adds further information about something coming from the sky that will set Chicago on fire. Take a look and see what you think.

Clearly, I was meant to see these videos and provide a commentary on them. Especially has this recent solar eclipse was on the 'day of the commentator'.

Now this is interesting because earlier this evening I was compelled to do a painting for the forthcoming lunar eclipse and I have called it 'Worlds Colliding'. Well my world has certainly collided with the lady that produced the videos.

I should point out that the person that uploaded these videos did not give an exact date for when the event will happen in Chicago exactly. However, I do know we are getting very close to judgement coming upon the USA, because in the last two weeks I have been taken away from a person in Chicago that refuses to listen to the warnings that I have been giving him over the years.

He just keeps on ignoring the warnings and Prophet Isaiah warned people about that when he spoke about the 'Testimony of Warning'. That people would be held personally responsible if they did not pass on the messages delivered by yours truly. The LORD God also asked me not to look at the American news because he wished for me to retain my innocence. Yet, there is still the American flag icon on my computer.

This is part two uploaded in May 2012.

The lady asked what would happen when she was reproved? The response was the 'Vision is Completed'. So she has been reproved, not rebuked has such, just corrected. In the Dead Sea Scrolls it is wisdom that gives the corrections, and the video has a bible open highlighting the word 'wisdom'. Has we know, wisdom is also mentioned in Rev 13 when it says 'This calls for wisdom'. By her including wisdom in the video, she was naturally calling me by including it.

Mercy beyond measure


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