Sunday, 25 November 2012

Lynne Dickie Called Out

Lynne Dickie in the USA has been doing interviews on 'Reiki and what she calls its dangers. Her email address is

I can assure you that the methodology of Reiki is in the NT and was used by Jesus Christ and the Apostles due to the evidence being written in the bible. In addition to that Prophet Isaiah predicted that when shiloh come, I would come with the children, the signs and symbols. That this would be a sign for Israel that we are here. Hence, it is clear that Israel were waiting for the spiritual and angelic healers to arrive for the redemption of the people.

Lynne also has an issue with yoga as well. If the woman understood what the word meant, then she would not have an issue with it. Lynne speaks of seeking 'understanding' well understanding is here exactly has Psalm 49 predicted it would be.

I recommend the heart meditation that Psalm 49 mentions, it also tells you that it was delivered by this instrument of the LORD, his harp of faithfulness that understands the riddle that the prophets spoke about.

There appears to be another blog as well called 'Reiki & Christianity' that is also anti-Reiki.

The path of enlightenment brought about by the Holy Spirit is not for everyone. However, being involved in spirituality for most of my life, and the teacher of righteousness, it is my duty to call people like Lynne Dickie and all of her supporters to account.

As we say in Reiki, Reiki ON! May Lynne and the rest of them be brought into the true light and love of Reiki energy. For American religious orthodox people like Lynne, they probably would experience difficulties due to what they hold inside. For people like her it would have to be a very slow journey, one gentle step at a time, due to what Reiki brings forth from within for clearing.

Of course training in Reiki healing is no different to training in any other healing therapy, in as much as it is imperative that you select a good, credible Reiki Master Teacher. Preferably people that have had other spiritual experiences prior to training in Reiki. The more experience the teacher has had working with Spirit, the more informative the training courses will be. Support after training courses is also very important. I am always on call to any of the students that I was given the honor to train.

Has we know Reiki is a co-creator of miracles that we are blessed to receive due to its high vibrational frequency of love. After seeing how the police have infiltrated the eco-warriors, it surprises me not to find that there are Christians that are anti-Reiki. Rev 17 and Rev 18 also explains a little about the reason why the state of being of so many Americans is as it is.

Love beyond measure


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Anonymous said...

Lynne Dickie is telling the truth. A person does not find out who they are dealing with until they try to leave. Everything is like a wonderful dream until that point. I had to call on Jesus Christ Yeshua to save me from being tormented by spirits when the new age movement was exposed to me. Jesus Yeshua saved me and will save you too if you ever see the bad side and want out. Praise Jesus forever and ever.