Saturday, 24 November 2012

UK Government treat people like donkeys

The government hails is a success that 150,000 people are forced off benefits. It is written that they refused to participate in the 'back to work' scheme. Is that the truth and what is the reason? One lady gives a reason for her refusal. 

I was unemployed for several months and started my back to work scheme where the staff where unhelpful, ignorant and literally treated you as a number rather than help. I had to show them things which I complained to my local job centre about to which they replied, deal with it. My career is not the usual 'generic' one and they couldnt help me in any way and didn't have a clue. They said I didnt want to work when I got a work placement on a popular TV Drama show by myself. My days were long and hard 3am-10pm by the time I got home. I loved the job. The 'work scheme' wouldnt allow this and said I would lose my beneift. I walked out and stopped claiming, made a complaint, made contacts in the industry and got taken on paid until the show finished. if I didn't want to work, I wouldn't have done them hours for free. I am now looking for my next role without claiming anything because I cannot bare the staff, their lack of experience and the fact they just didn't help anyone in the class.

Another responder: I have a young friend who suffers from anxiety, depression and agoraphobia. She was denied Employment Support Allowance (ESA) in October and was found fit for work, but only found out that her payments were stopped when she was called in to the Job Centre. She has been told that she is on a return to work programme for the next two years and had to attend an appointment so that the 'provider' could 'get to know her better'. She was told that the appointment would be 1-2 hours but it was, in fact, eight minutes. Her next appointment is a train journey and a long walk away and she has been told that if she doesn't attend (despite the fact that she is appealing the decision to deny her benefits and is on the equivalent of Jobseekers Allowance (JSA)), her benefits will be stopped. So, guilty until proven innocent. Her partner is working part time and does as much overtime as he can and has applied for another job in the hope that she will not have to go through this again.

So what does that create? Stress and stress is the co-creator of 85% of disease. Human rights lawyers should sue the government for the disease it is co-creating. Iain Duncan-Smith should also be imprisoned for crimes against humanity. Does he have a heart? Clearly not. 


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Eliakim said...

Brits give 19 million to South Africa, the African leader spends 17.5 of it on his palace.

When will the Brits learn not to give them money, but give them the resources that they require?

While African leaders are spending British money on their mansions, the British workforce are treated like donkeys a ‘beast of burden’.

Anonymous said...

Look to the top for the problem. If Brits 'give' 19 million to South Afica to get something out of Africa. Until a structure is in place that ensures a contract with specific spending and accountability, expect the recipient of any money to do as he or she chooses. Some agreement has come to send over this money. Are the British workforce acting like donkeys are real men who stand for integrity. Understand the meaning of integrity by experience and then take action.