Saturday, 24 November 2012

Emotive Social Evolution - Catalonia

Well it is at least a decade ago when I first began to speak about the 'Emotive Social Evolution' that was coming and people did not believe me. I then began to speak about the breaking up of nations into smaller ones.

It was inevitable that this would come to be; due to it being the only way that the people can obtain smaller governments.  With less cost, less overheads, and more local involvement and a say in how things are run in their communities. 

The indigenous people in the Canaries were also adamant that they were Canarian, not Spanish the last time that I was there. 

'While Europe struggles to find a common way forward, some regions are looking for ways to go it alone. In Spanish Catalonia people are set to go to the polls to elect a regional government, which could see a referendum on its independence.'

A poster wrote this in response:

Funny how the anti-whites in the multicultural dictatorship EU wanted to destroy individual European? Nations and cultures, instead they are creating more white nations, and more national diversity in Europe. Haha. Now all that is left is for USA to break up in several free nations as well, fuck unions , long live the nation state, imagine 50 free USA nations instead of one federal goverment, now that is something the globalists will struggle to controll!’


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