Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I popped into a friends house this evening to post the previous blog update and continue with the Mayan project as instructed. While I was there having a glass of red wine. The TV was on and this is the news.

40,000 homes in Northern Ireland have been without water all over Christnas. Now check out the Liquid Gold visions posted earlier this month. While the people were racing to materialism another reality was transpiring. While the people were racing to the sales instead of for the glory of God to overcome prejudice, the pipes were freezing, bursting, the liquid gold of God was running away from them.

The number 40 relates to the holy prophet sent by God in the bible,  it also relates to the prophecy from Nostradamus about the one that would come in the last days of the end times.

Is it a sign from God? Yes.

Ireland broke the covenant and the promise that God made for the children of the world.

May the good will of God be done.

May everyone learn from this, that water is liquid gold, do not take it for granted.

A few days before Christmas Abba said "They think more of their dogs then they do of you. Berties presents under the tree'.

Then on Christmas Eve, I heard that my friends dog had opened the Christmas presents under the tree. He had eaten a whole box of chocolates and had to be rushed to the vet. He could have died but was saved.

Was this a warning to them? Yes, not the first one either.

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