Monday, 22 August 2011

Branson Burns

Earlier this evening we sent out a warning to the remnant of Joseph and the prophecy of Amos. Englishman, Richard Branson supported Tony Blair's New Labour and Gordon Brown that introduced over 100 stealth taxes. In the prophecy of Amos chapter 5, it calls it 'straw tax' and the oppression of the poor.

Did you hear Branson defending the poor against the governments? No. Did you see him be a man and defend the children with everything he as to give? Side by side in the front line.

So Branson do you know what the VIRGIN is about, do you know who she is? Did you know that the healing angel was the Messiah Joseph when you turned her down. Remember you were too busy with your trains and planes to do the will of the LORD God to help the children. Do you know what the trains and planes are to do with? Vulcanics and the Vulcan.

Fortunately, 20 people have escaped unhurt, and 20 is the number of judgement. So Richard it is certainly judgement upon you.

We told you that no Island was safe, and Necker Island in the Caribbean as been hit by a tropical storm that set the great house on fire.

The glory of Branson and his VIRGIN reward as been destroyed, simply because he refused to do the will of the LORD God.

Winds are said to have been 90mph and that is to do with the spiritual law. 30 is the Hebrew gematria of the Lamed, 30 x 3 = 90. It is also relates to 333 and the SOPHIA wisdom gateway opening in Greece in March 2010. So what as been going on with Greece Richard? Did you not know that judgement began in May 2010 when the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel? Did you not know that the Queen of the South is here?

What did Richard have to say about Israel? "You’ve got a great country, but you’ve just got to hold the hands of your neighbors, and then you’ll get back on top again.” Did you hold the hands of the poor children in Tottenham Richard? Did you walk with them for equality? Did you provide them with facilities, opportunities, jobs and hope? Did you walk the talk? Or is it one rule for Israel and a different one for you in the land of Joseph? 

The bible predicted that you would all go through the flames in this timeline, and what you think you have will be taken from you. It told you all that you would be judged by your words and deeds.

Virgin media charge the poor £15 extra a month, if the poor do not pay their bill by direct debit. That is the third of the cost of the service, and in some cases a 50% surcharge. They also charge people £1.50 for a paper bill. They charge people to be billed.

As we said previously, many of the elderly do not have internet facilities, so it is injustice to charge them for bills for their telephones and contact with the world. So what did you do to help the poor Richard? Did you not increase the straw taxes upon them? Did you not increase the weight of burden upon them?
Of course you did.

Going to rebuild it Richard? Do you not understand the signs and the warnings from the LORD God?

Let this be a message to you, and all of your friends, the time as come for accounts to be settled with the poor, the corporations will not be allowed to continue doing what they are doing. You shall not profit from the poor anymore.

The LORD God said 'The King is not allowing'. 

So you see the LORD God is not allowing the celebrities to sit in luxury, while his holy one suffers for the people that are starving in the world.


Thank God that Kate Winslet and the children are safe.


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