Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Well there are reports of rumblings and loud noises in Russia and also in Canada. The one in Canada drew my attention due to the location being WINDSOR and ESSEX COUNTY. There have been more than 250 official complaints registered with the ministry of the environment.

The loud noise is described as sounding like it is underground rumblings and vibrations, a fleet of diesel trucks next to your home. People have felt vibrations and sensations under their homes in addition to the noise.

As we know Windsor and Essex are both English locations and Windsor is also a Royal Castle, one of the Royal Residences,  in a Royal Borough. Hence, it is known to be an affluent area. The LORD God also mentioned the affluent and those with affluence the other day, we posted it on the blog at that time.

Now in Jewish gematria of the word Windsor it is the same value as 'Woman of Grace', 'People of the Great Tribulation', 'Comes to bring fire to the earth'. 'For the day of the Lord cometh'. In English gematria it is 'Yehoshua', 'World Peace', 'Crop Circle', 'Benevolence', 'Good News', 'Meaningful', 'Take my hand', 'Key of David', 'A Goddess is'. 'Yes in Fact', 'I saw a sign'. [1]

Who holds the Key of David in the biblical prophecies?

ELIAKIM the one that is entrusted with divine authority.

Essex County is 'Holy Mother of the Millennium', 'A Holy Spirit in Corn Fields', 'Love is Yah'. In English gematria it is 'Chip off the old block', 'Casts out devil', 'King of the North', 'Truth Goes UP', 'A Prophetess IS', 'The Royal Family', 'Lord of the Rings', 'He is Relentless', 'God is our Refuge', 'End of Sorrow', 'Benevolent Light', 'I AM the true vine', 'House of the Son', 'Divine Bloodlines', 'Pretty Woman', 'Motherly Love', 'And Justice for all'. 'He who has wisdom'. [2]

Well it certainly rumbles a few people. 250 divides by 50, x 5 and 50 is the number of the Jubilee and is to do with the signs. Certainly a sign of the times.




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