Thursday, 3 January 2013


RT report on the state of morale in British education and schools. Teachers state that austerity is already having a big impact on British families and their children. How do governments expect families to stay abreast of the latest technology that is continually being updated? How can parents afford the technology for their children, when they cannot even afford to feed and clothe them?

I was fortunate that during the school years of my son, I was able to afford all technology that he required. He used a computer competently from the age of four, he did not learn how to use a computer at school. In fact, in those days the schools were lagging behind in the technology stakes. Hence, education simply wasn't fast moving enough for the children when he was growing up. As such, they got bored very easily in the classroom.

I agree with the commentators about the tests at age five. In fact, the British send their children to school at too young an age. They can't wait to have them, then they can't wait to get rid of them to school. Mothers are forced to work instead of look after their children. Grandparents refuse to look after the children, and then they wonder why their children do not look after them when they get older.

What has happened to the community and families that once helped each other at all times? What happened to caring fully for each other? What has happened to governments and its members who are 'heartless' with their heads in the sand of the desert like ostriches. Honestly how do they expect young families to cope in this technological age? How can young families help their children to study, if that help also costs money? Even libraries are being closed, just like the post offices. Now there isn't a post office in walking distance for the elderly. You know what happens to heartless nations don't you? Its all related to the spiritual law of the cosmos and has the NT informs you. 'What you give will come back to you 30, 60 and 100 fold'. It also works in reverse.

When my mother was young, she looked after a crippled aunt who had a stroke; and a mother who had heart disease.  It was natural for her to look after her own family. The fabric of the British family is being destroyed due to the 'heartlessness' of its people, and its government of fairies, goblins and 'lost boys'. Well the teachers are on the brink of going on strike, they have had enough of this government already. So strike my people, strike, bring the government to its knees, before they bring you to yours.

Bring the government to its senses and show them in Westminster that the power is with the people when they are united.

Show them that enough, really is enough!


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