Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Now Canada is speaking out against the FREEMAN movement that began on this land of Joseph.


Last month, the Anti-Defamation League published a report that described the so-called “sovereign citizen movement” as “one of the most problematic domestic extremist movements in the United States,” attracting mostly middle-aged or older men who are financially stressed, angry at government regulation or who want “something for nothing.” 

Oh governments are getting on the bandwagon everywhere with the words 'Something for Nothing'. Do see my post with the title in response to them on this blog from 2012.

This is 2013 and that is the gematria value of 'YAHWEH HOLY MARRIAGE'.

Has we shared with people in the past, 2012 was the end of the world has you have known it.  So the rich and the governments that they fund to support them will just have to come to understand what is now taking place all over the world. The biblical prophecies predicted that the rich will build mansions and not live in them. The would plant vineyards like Brad Pitt and not drink of its wine. What did Brad Pitt say about the USA? He said that guns are in their DNA!

The police force in the UK are also having a change of heart; and research has shown that most of them would like better jobs. Did the gunning down of the police officers have an impact on the British police force? They do know that gun crime came over to the UK from the USA, and surely the police force on this land of Joseph do not wish for their children to live in a replica of the USA.

It looks like the police force have arrived at tipping point, and the final straw was when they took my DNA in January 2011. I did warn them that they would lose their jobs. Their salaries would be cut, and the floods would come next, and so they did exactly has predicted that it would do.

Governments are not sovereign over the people, they are employed to serve the people. If the elemental forces can't bow to the will of the people, then best all representatives that are paid by the people, leave their posts with immediate effect. That includes the British monarchy has well, the true sanhedrin of the LORD God is here now, his divine court exists right here and now. So best they take heed of it, or pay the consequences for not doing so. The righteous one sent by the LORD God has no more patience left for them. That is why the 'FREEMAN MOVEMENT IS NOW IN THE SPOTLIGHT'.

Unlike the USA or Canada, the Freeman movement in this land of Joseph require no weapons of violence. It is the truth that is helping to change the world and has the LORD God said 'It is your phrases that make the difference'. This is the era of 'Emotive Social Evolution' in the 'Sober Decade', it is the end of the world has you have known it. It is also the Saturn in Scorpio transit and that can have a sting in its tail due Saturn being to do with the spiritual law of creation.

Has we shared with people many times, what you give will come back to you 30, 60 or 100 times. However, the spiritual law also works in reverse, so what people did not give will be taken away from them. That is why many people that invested in pensions instead of helping the poor, had their pensions removed from them. I warned the people in the 90's not to give their money to the money changers. Now British families are being taxed up to 75% of their earnings, what does the bible say about that? No tax on labor! Stop plundering the people for the price of oil.

Happy New Year, 2013 truly has arrived in style.


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