Saturday, 5 January 2013


These two paintings came to be prior to me reading about a man that died in a car crash in the USA in May, 2012. The first painting looks like a pumpkin, and the second one looks like an avocado, or crystal stone. In the pumpkin you will see a face, and a hand that is put upon it to stop it in its tracks.

Has we know the USA like their pumpkins to do with halloween. No surprise then that the pumpkin also appears in the Walt Disney film of Cinderella. Has we know the pumpkin turned into a golden coach so that Cinderella could go to the ball.

I can also see the sign of Jonah in the painting and a boat. Has we know there is a biblical prophecy about the sign of Jonah that arrived in Israel in this timeline.

The second painting has more light in it, and I can see a crescent moon and an eye. Its like this man was leading a double life, like a double agent. It is well known fact that he was anti-Israel, and no matter how much you explained truth to him he simply ignored it. He also claimed to be 'Faithful and True' that is mentioned in Rev 19 and he never would accept that he wasn't.

He liked a merry dance, and I did feel that he had a good heart. However, people can have a good heart and still support what they feel is right without it being so. For instance all of the people in the USA that support the gun owning movement, they view guns has a symbol of freedom. Where other people in the West view a gun has a weapon of violence. There are two opposing views on how to ensure peace becomes a reality for the world. Those with true common sense know that weapons of violence only bring more violence.

If I remember correctly, the man that died was not only anti-Israel, he was an Obama supporter has well. I have read all there is to read on the subject matter, I have also taken history, his and mine into account. I have come to a rational conclusion that the man was an infiltrator working for someone in the  US government. When our realities first met; he was doing a lot of listening and learning in the spiritual community and that was even prior to the Rev 12 timeline. He was also heavily involved in the conspiracy movement and it was there that he appeared to make the most friends.

It is no surprise that the man had the surname of 'Lawless', and lawlessness is mentioned in the bible to do with the timeline. It is no coincidence that he was watching the wondrous woman from heaven during the Rev 12 timeline, and again during the Micah 4 timeline when daughter Zion made her appearance on US boards, and on the land itself. In fact, you may remember that the Prince of Peace Church of Philadelphia burned to the ground when yours truly arrived on US soil.

He came across has a kindly man that adored his wife and children. However, what was he prepared to do for his government and military bosses? How far was he prepared to go for what he felt was right? In the beginning he just had an avatar name, some years later he added a number three times. Many have wondered what that number signifies. Well it is the life number of the spiritual teacher, it was also the life number of Jesus. However, in gematria the meaning of its letter is the 'woman of valor', although 'Lawless' was not willing to accept the Jewish sages view of their Hebrew letters or anything that was real about Israel, or anything good to do with the Jewish people.

He continually promoted that the IS in Isis was in the name of Israel, like other infiltrators and their followers do, and his mind and heart could not be changed when truth was shared with him. That then shows us that there was a particular motivation for doing what he was doing; and imparting truth was not one of them. Although many innocents did accept what he shared with them, like sheep to the slaughter.

The man died, like many others that perished when I was cut off from the internet. Prior to that, I had asked him many times to heal himself. Was Mr Lawless set up by the US government to be the 'Son of Lawlessness?', to take the attention of the people away from the real one that is mentioned in Rev 13?

Was the man set up just like we warned the Americans that they had been set up in 2009?

His signature included the following: 'Faithful and True', 'Ophiuchus....The Great Serpent Wrestler and Tamer'. Of course he was doing the opposite by standing against Israel at the same time as defending Islam that introduced the 'Isis Conspiracy', to begin with. 

Is it a coincidence that in recent days the place were he went has been hacked and everyone is having to change their passwords?

I truly hope that he rests in peace and makes his peace with Israel and its people.

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.


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