Thursday, 3 January 2013


Late last night, the heavenly Father that some call Yahweh said 'Humanity is two steps away from hell'.

Has we know heaven and hell are states of being; and it does indicate the state of being of humanity and where it is being led by those that go their own way, instead of the way of the LORD God that he ordained.

Has we know in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 18 it mentions what will happen to the minds of the people if they disobey the LORD God. Has we know people around the world are committing suicide due to them losing their minds. In the book of Matthew, Jesus, the Son of God also warned about the medical profession when he spoke out about those that can kill the body and the soul. In my humble view he was referring to pharmaceutical drugs in this timeline. Has we know over 20 million children are taking the mind-altering drugs in the USA. Has I have already explained to Americans, the combination of guns and drugs is a lethal combination.

The USA is also planning on screening all teenagers in US schools, and it plans to put them on drugs as well. What did the heavenly Father say about the schools? "No school, schools out".

We are still waiting for the coroner's report on Adam Lanza, and it is clear that they will use this case to profile children and other young people that have been involved in shooting massacres instead of deal with the root causes of the core issues. I have read that Adam's mum was trying to get her son committed to a mental health institution due to her not being able to cope. Its also clear that his brother and his dad were not there for young Adam. It will be interesting to see what the coroner has to say about the case. If you look at the childhood pictures of the boy there was a time when there was light of love in his eyes, then in the later pictures that light is not seen in his eyes. What took that light of hope away? Was it pharmaceutical drugs combined with his experiences? Was it when his dad left his mother? Has I have explained previously there is a lot more to this case than meets the eye.

On the 1st of January 2013, birds were falling out of the sky again.

This morning on RT there was a video about the FBI and how they knew that there was a plot to kill the Occupy Wall Street activists, yet they remained silent and did not warn them in advance. Do you remember what the Son of God said in 2007? "Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world".

What other steps are humanity taking that are against the will of God? The British media shared how 60% of students in the UK are in favor of human cloning. GMO also comes into that category as well, along with their genetically modified insects. When man intervenes in the creation of nature, nature always finds a way to bite back; and humanity never like how nature chooses to do that. A lot of people are consuming a lot that the corporations are putting out there. The corporations care not whether they poison humanity, or whether they destroy the eco-system of the planet.

The corporations, property developers and money changers care not about the indigenous peoples or the romany gypsies. Humanity truly is on the brink of going from one disaster to another. Money changers are not only Jewish, in my experience, there are also so-called Christians that are money changers as well.

For instance I knew a Christian that was one of other people that worked on the stock markets; and he and his friends helped old ladies to invest their money there. What does that say about the Catholic from Chicago? Money changer. He also supports those that support gun ownership. He was warned many times and he refused to take it to his heart. I said to him 'How big do the warnings have to get Fred before you will take heed of them?'.

A few Christians in the USA have received visions and messages about Chicago and they were told that Chicago will be the first to be destroyed. I cannot confirm whether this is true, I have not received anything specific on the location of Chicago. Although I have been given the word 'illinois' many times. More recently I was also given the name Fred and shown an Island that would be destroyed when the great mother polar bear stood on it.

There is a 'Rock Island' in illinois and it looks like the shape that I was shown. The only difference is that the shape that I was shown was landscape and not upright. Apparently it is now called 'Arsenal Island'. They certainly have plenty of arsenal in the form of guns. There is also a 'Blue Island' location there has well that is also a similar shape.

The Chicago Stock exchange is the third largest in the USA. There are some interesting names involved in that exchange and it includes Goldman Sachs.

Yesterday I also had a lucid dream, and it was a dream of a funeral and everyone was dressed in black. There were people that I knew at the funeral and I had not been invited to it. One of the people at the funeral worked for a newspaper in London, and he was smiling at his baby that was in a black pram. His wife could not see me but I could see her. The funeral party were on a wooded balcony at an entertainment venue, like a pub. I knew that my ex-husband would be at the funeral so I went to look for him.

Then I came across some guys that were squatting close to the floor, they were dressed casually and they were discussing where they were going to go. Places and locations were mentioned and I kept saying 'You won't be safe there', then one of men said that he was going to a forest, to the rain forests. I said to him, 'Yes, go deep into the rain forests, go up high, at least 50 meters above sea level'. Then the dream ended.

Has we know in the biblical prophecies Jesus also told his followers to go to the mountains in this timeline; and many have already left.

Stay safe everyone!



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Concord, Massachusetts bans sale of small water bottles

Not everyone in Concord agrees with the ban on the sale of small bottles of water
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First offenders will get a warning. Anyone caught selling the banned bottles a second time will be fined $25 (£15), with $50 for further offences.

The Australian town of Bundanoon introduced a complete ban on bottled water in 2009.

More than 90 universities in the US and others around the world have already restricted the sale of plastic bottles, as have some local government authorities.,

Concord has not introduced any restrictions on the sale of small bottles of other drinks, and the bylaw has an exemption in case of emergencies.

Campaigners say Americans consume 50 billion small bottles of water each year.

The bottled water industry says the small bottles are essential to modern life and encourage people to live healthier lifestyles.

But Jean Hill who led the campaign for the ban in Concord, told the New York Times: "What I'm trying to do with this bylaw is to increase the barriers to buying single-serve bottled water."

"In order to help people change, you need to put policies in place that steer them away from buying bottled water and toward considering the many other good alternatives."

Some of the town's residents argue the ban is pointless, as they can go down the road and buy small bottles from shops in neighbouring towns.

Ms Hill says she was inspired to begin her campaign by her grandson, who told her about a vast floating island of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean.

Courtesy of the BBC website