Thursday, 8 March 2012

Breitbart -v- Lib Dem Death Threats

As we know the story goes that Andrew Breitbart died of natural causes. However, he had been receiving death threats for a long time from the Liberal Democrat supporters. Death threats and bullying; is how they do business. We also know from research that 50% of Americans experience bullying in the workplace.

Andrew also had dinner with Bill Ayers just three weeks before he died as well. As we know in 1980's Ayers and comrades were talking about eliminating 25 million Americans that refused to conform to their way.

Someone better tell the Obama-Ayer crew that the Age of Aquarius is the new era of the non-conformist.

At this point in time, I do not see how the American nation can be united with ideologies that are so divided. It looks like the only way peace will come in the USA,  is if the bible belt have their nation, the left have theirs and the rest that walk the middle path have theirs. A three-way split. The left are sick of the religionists, the right are sick of the left, and the middle are sick of them all. Its no wonder that when I received the incense of the prayers, it manifested as a smell and taste of sickness. 

When a nation is having a constitutional crisis, when a nation is sick, the only way is to heal the root causes of the core issues. If the people refuse to do that; then the only solution left is to part company with those that you simply cannot live with anymore. Many Americans are in what one can only describe as a marriage that is not working out, a marriage that is unhealthy for the people that live upon its land. 

As we know the LORD said 'No compromise' in this timeline. 

Does it help to compromise in a marriage that is destroying you? No. 

Your only option is to leave it or be destroyed yourself. 


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