Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Judgement MANGO UK

The judgement continues. Branson's Virgin train derailed, biblical plague on the farmer's lambs and now following fashion week. A hoarding of super model Kate Moss collapses on Oxford Street. The advertiser was fashion store MANGO and as we know mangos come from the Caribbean where Prince Harry has been enjoying a royal jaunt. The biblical prophecies did predict that the Princes would not be able to meet the high standard and they do like their super models.

An ex-Miss UK has been in the news this week, in addition to Miss Jamaica. The LORD is not happy with the rich and wealthy. As the LORD said 'Your designer clothes will not save you'.

The hoarding fell at 16.15 and 16 is to do with Rev 16 and the politicians.

Three women and a man went to hospital and 40 from the fire brigade were call to the scene. As we know 2011 was a four year, the year of the riots and the children burning down the shops. 40 is also related to Moses and the prophet. The name Moses and Moss is very similar. Kate, the new clothes horse and icon for the fashion industry is married to Prince William, that multi-million pound wedding also happened in 2011.

However, my Jewish great-grandmother who gave birth to Joseph, was also Catherine. Her Jewish father also had a shop in what is known as the West End of London.

"Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed, so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed.” Rev 16:15 

Rev 16 also speaks of the great hail and the USA experienced that on the 2/3rd of March, 2012.

Rev 16 states that they are gathering the kings together for war and we have to put a stop to them. So is Prince Harry the envoy that we mentioned the other day in a different post? Did he deliver any signed and sealed envelopes whilst on his journey? Letters that he does not know about?

Rev 16 also mentions an earthquake that splits a city in three. Prophet Isaiah predicted the destruction of Damascus, a great earthquake and so did Islam's prophet.

In November 2010, we made a post about 'mangoes and bikes' to do with India. The corporations sell their bikes and the USA gets mangoes in exchange. If you don't grow it naturally and organically on your land, then you probably shouldn't be eating it. Due to the different vibrations, frequencies, and cost of shipping it across the world. Every time you purchase a product from abroad, consider the implications of how far that product has come; and the impact that has had on the oceans or the skies.
Ponder upon the print of every product that has landed in your lap. Ponder upon those that worked the fields for pennies and cents, to feed you with your latest fancy.

Sophia used to say a 'little of what you fancy does you good'. However, what was once a luxury has now become common, without any consideration of those that have toiled for you for next to nothing. India has rejected the British aid of 27 million, the PM of India told David Cameron where to stick his money. Clearly, David Cameron and the rest of the earthly governments do not give anything without strings attached.

Well India and countries in the commonwealth, are not going to be your puppets anymore. There was no commonwealth in the true sense of the word, the wealth from the natural resources were never shared equitably.




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