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Tim Bell - Bell Pottinger Judged

The LORD God said 'Tim Bell'.

The only Tim Bell that I knew of, originally worked at Geers Gross, prior to becoming managing director of Saatchi & Saatchi. A well known name in the advertising, marketing and PR industry in the 70-90's. I remember he was a very attractive, charismatic man, an excellent orator. He was best known for being a PR consultant to Margaret Thatcher and the conservative party, he helped them to win three general elections on the trot.

He was made a life peer by Tony Blair and became the Baron Bell of Belgravia in 1998. Lord Bell has his finger in lots of pies including Belarus and Saudi Arabia. However, it was his conviction for indecency that is the most revealing to me today. You can imagine what he was doing with his fingers on that day.

This article is called 'Can Lord Bell's PR Skills combat the aroma of communism and cabbage?". [2]

There is more, his PR company have been under the spotlight of the British media. His staff changed wikipedia entries on behalf of their clients and they had at least ten wikipedia accounts.

Wikipedia founder told the Independent ‘I am astonished at the ethical blindness of Bell Pottinger’s reaction. That their strongest true response is they didn’t break the law tells a lot about their view of the world, I’m afraid. ‘The company committed the cardinal sin of a PR and lobbying company of having their own bad behaviour bring bad headlines to their clients, [and] did so in a fashion that brought no corresponding benefits,’ Wales said." [3]

The exposure continues. [4] Tim Bell had various accounts, under different names and told different life stories. However, he was caught red handed. He's also associated with Brunei and Rupert Murdock. 

So it is time for judgement of Tim Bell, Tim Bell should be stripped of his life peerage, and the British government and clients should have nothing to do with Tim Bell or the company that he runs. If the head of an organization cannot live in integrity, then his employees are encouraged not to do so either. Role models have to live in integrity, and there is no way that Tim Bell should be allowed to intervene in anything associated with public duty or foreign policy. 

Belarus, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Murdoch and the Conservative Party says it all. 

Enough, really is enough. Those who think they are above the spiritual law of the LORD God will be brought down. It matters not to me whether they are Americans, British, or from any other nation. All are treated equally. As we know the bible predicted that the snakes would be found in the Kings Palaces and Brunei and Saudi have palaces for the Kings of the East, they're also being brought to account in this timeline. The book of Genesis predicted that she shall crush the head of the serpent and the wondrous woman from heaven has the moon under her feet. Sadly, Tim Bell did not put the moon under his feet. I wonder how many of his chums are also in bed with Islam. 

No surprise  to find that the NHS is one of the clients of Bell Pottinger and we all know about the NHS reforms that have been recommended. They shall be derailed. 

When I was involved in the industry the UK creatives had an excellent reputation for innovation. Marketing was an American invention. However, the UK excelled at creative input and business acumen, wining multiple international awards. So it is sad to see the industry be brought into disrepute by the likes of Tim Bell and his comrades. 

In December 2011, the Independent newspaper published this. 

Britain is gaining a reputation as an international centre of image laundering, with the lack of regulation meaning that PR companies can represent the most repressive regimes without public scrutiny. 

In the US lobbyists working for foreign governments have to publicly disclose their client contracts and state when and why they've been in contact with politicians and the media. In the UK, there's no such obligation, and lobbying firms have vociferously opposed government plans to change this.

Four years ago, the US investigative journalist Ken Silverstein approached Washington lobbyists posing as an agent for the authoritarian government of Turkmenistan. He exposed how the firms vied for the right to remake the dictatorship's image, promising access to members of Congress and positive media coverage. Please see the rest of the article. 

More articles on the same issue can be accessed on the Independents Website. 

Well done The Independent.

The company committed the cardinal sin of a PR and lobbying company of having their own bad behaviour bring bad headlines to their clients, [and] did so in a fashion that brought no corresponding benefits,’ Wales said." [3]
That remark from the founder of Wikipedia, also applies to the Liberal Democrats and their supporters perfectly! 

It is perfectly aligned with Rev 13 and what it says about the supporters of the Leopard Obama. 

To the LORD God, she loves you, yea, yea, yea.









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