Friday, 8 June 2012


I am picking up on the populous that are experiencing feelings of 'Abandonment'. So please concentrate on sending healing to the words 'abandoned' an 'abandonment'. This is not just about how the people feel due to what governments are doing to the people. It goes much deeper than that. With some it can relate to their inner child, with others it can be to do with adulthood. Relationships, family and their children.

However, it also relates to past life issues when the people felt abandoned by their partners and their communities. For instance a woman and children that died on a mountain in the snow, could have felt abandoned when her husband went to hunt for food, and he never returned to her and the children.

People in America might feel abandoned by the fact that they have waited for the one known as Jesus Christ to rescue them, and he did not come to them down the ages. Every individual must seek within for the root cause of the core issues that they are facing now.

It is triggering major issues for the people, due to the governments doing it to the people all over again. It is triggering activists that feel that the populous is not supporting their good causes. I explained to an activist the other day, that the populous will not support what they have not healed within.

What the activist is bringing into the light of day, many do not wish to look at it. Due to a lack of healing themselves and their own root causes and core issues to do with boundaries. The boundaries of a child, and the crushing of the Spirit that takes place in many childhoods by parents themselves.

A baby left in a cot to cry can feel 'abandoned', a child taken to school to early can feel the same. Teenagers can feel 'abandoned' by their parents if and when they are not there when they come home from school.

Children can feel 'abandoned by their friends at school, or when they move house or school. There are a mass of situations that can be related to these words. Of course it is not a word or words that children remember or know, the word 'abandonment' is an adults word, a psychologists word.

Children do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. Yet, due to governments forcing women to work, children are left for long periods of time to fend for themselves. Single-parent mums can feel 'abandoned' by their parents, if they do not receive the sufficient support and help with raising the child that is dependent upon them.

It isn't easy for a single-parent mum that has to be both mum and dad, in addition to working full-time and keep and pay for a house.

Also sometimes when the grandchild arrives, the attention of the family is all on the child and the single-parent mother can be pushed aside. If that mother is young, that can have a huge impact on them and their lives. With those young mums, it is not a feeling of 'abandonment', it is a feeling of beyond requirements.

A big one for 'abandonment' is also when children are sent away to boarding school. Those children often do not express what they feel, they hold it deep inside of them. Often they do not express it ever, unless life conditions push them into the healing process. Hence, why self-expression is very important, not only for children but also for everyone. Exalting children in equality is a major key to their self-esteem.

The issue of 'Abandonment' can also relate to 'loss' and or 'bereavement'. For instance if a child or a young person becomes orphaned at a young age. It can also apply to children that have been adopted, they often feel that their parents 'abandoned' them. That can also relate to past life situations.

The elderly can also have issues with 'abandonment', especially if they do not have the mobility that they require to do what they used to be able to do. The psychologist that wrote this article below relates it to 'values' and although values can relate to it, it is not the root cause of the core issue, IMHV.

The American scientist wrote about how her generation of the over 50's are 'selfish', well maybe that is because they came from a generation that was the same. How many parents of the over 50's were involved in charitable and good causes? Children learn what they live and until the people are willingly to seek within, things will not change.

The more pressure that the governments are putting upon the people, the more it is forcing the people into survival mode and 'survival of the fittest'. Governments are co-creators of 'stress-releated' diseases, it is corporate manslaughter, and criminal negligence on the part of the governments that put the systems into place to start with.

People spent years paying into a system that is not giving back to the people. As such, the people feel 'abandoned' by the governments and financial institutions; that have taken their pensions, and everything else that they could. I warned the people not to put their money into pension plans in the 90's, I knew, that there would not be an appropriate pay back when the time came.

The people have paid into a system, that was destined to 'abandon' them, the biblical prophecies warned them about the 'plunder' that would take place in this timeline. Yet, how many people listened to common sense? You can't 'gamble' on a 'future's market' that does not exist. The traders were 'gambling' on the next 20 years growth rates being the same as the previous 20 years. No surprise then that 20 is the number of judgement and judgement is certainly coming down upon the 'traders' for what they have done to the people and their lives.

The people have felt 'abandoned' by their banks and credit card companies. Companies that suddenly decided to turn against their customers and take away their facilities. All because they had to pull some cash in. Well, it is back firing big time now, because the customers are turning their backs on those companies that 'abandoned' them when things got tough.

'Abandonment' is related to the key issue of 'desertion' and 'betrayal' and the people feel 'betrayed' by the governments and its institutions. It relates to 'security', feeling safe, when all around you is 'collapsing' and you are the one making the last stand.

'Collapsing' also relates to 'shock', 'trauma' and tragedy'. When the body cannot take anymore, it finds a way to collapse upon itself. Its the bodies way of saying 'I have to rest', 'I cannot take anymore'. Many people are feeling like that. The other day a friend emailed me and she said 'I've given up'. I responded, that she shall not give up, while I live on this planet.

People are 'giving up', they would rather give up, then turn to a blessed healer for help with a breakthrough.

As the saying goes 'Tough assignments are only given to the best students'.




Bosedeh said...

Hope everything is alright with you. Thank you for all your help, encouragement and support. I very much appreciate it. I wish I can help more financially, but my finance was attached and I know Almighty God (God of heaven and earth) will render justice and recompense me and my family in Jesus name.(The earth is the Lord's and all its fullness, The world and those who dwell therein.) His Kingdom will come and His will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven in Jesus name.

Bosedeh said...

Typo: not attached... I mean attacked. My finance has been attacked badly. (Financial warfare)

Eliakim said...

I understand. Many people are being put under financial pressure and there are many reasons for it.

You used the word 'attached' in your first post. So perhaps you would like to look at your 'attachments' that were being 'attacked' and the reason for it.

Did you attach yourself to money in anyway?

The other day a friends Chickens were all killed by a fox and some of those chickens were rare and expensive.

Money is also to do with root chakra, safety and security.

What did you do to give yourself security? Did you put that money into investments or did you dedicate it to the will of God?

Look at the root of your being, for it is the root to the access and it relates to ascension.

You can view it as the root of tree . Are those roots healthy, and growing in the right place. Or did you place your roots in a barren land that could receive no water or sunshine?

Where is your tree of life, do you know?

I will be fine, I am writing this from a friend's laptop in response to you.

I now have my healing room back and great healing work is taking place.

Friends are coming on the Solstice for us to celebrate it together. We are just going to allow it to unfold.

19th of June is new moon in cancer,21st sun goes into cancer. 20th of June is Summer Solstice. 25th Saturn goes direct forward in Libra, 7th house to do with relationships. 28th Venus goes direct 7 degrees in Gemini and this will impact on 'relationships, money and communication' related to it. Remember that gemini is also an air sign and seven is the life number of the spiritual teacher.

Love beyond measure


Eliakim said...

More on the 'Abandonement'. The dictionary describes the 'act of abandonemnet' as 'very wicked' and it relates to 'Desertion'.

When the people 'abandon love', they give up all claims to it. It is the same with God and the sacred union with the divine.

When they 'abandon' God and his holy ones, they also 'abandon' their divine right, spiritual independence and freedom.

They give up their divine right to be born again Sons of God and Children of the Light.

'Abandonement' is the opposite to Divine Love and its compassionate action that can change the world positively.

Hence, it goes without saying that when the people are in a state of 'abandonement' of all that had been and is 'LOVE'.

They have actually 'abandoned' themselves and put themselves, in the state of 'wickedness' that does not honor the spiritual law of their own being and the physics of the cosmos.

Biblically speaking, the word 'wicked' is in relation to those that do not honor Mother Earth, creation and its spiritual laws.

Their is no escaping the judgement and what humanity has done. These days will be shortened for the sake of the spiritually elect.

Those that do not honor what they owe to their loved ones are being brought to account.

The LORD our God is calling in his markers.

As his Son said 'Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world' from Sacred Words

People make 'Assumptions' unconsciously because they have not healed that which they hold in their unconscious mind fields.

Hence, they make 'assumptions', based upon past life experiences, due to them repeating the cycles due to the memories that have shapeshifted.

'Perceptions are an illusion that have no basis in reality' from Sacred Words

As such, the power of healing consciousness cannot be underestimated.

Love beyond measure


Redspect said...

"If you haven't any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble" to cure it
Help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save lives"!