Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Three Days - Messianic Rule

Due to a lack of donations, I have been unable to keep the internet access going, So am now posting from the library. I have little time left but will post what I can.

In the 'Reached the Goal' post I mentioned the 'Three Days', last night I was shown that the three days is also mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls and it appears in the Messianic Rule. (1QSa=1Q28a).

'And when the assembly is summoned for judgement, or for a Council of the Community, or for war, they shall sanctify them for three days that every one of its members may be prepared'. Page 159 DSS Geza Vermes translation.

And so it was done for three days.

In the War Scroll the Harp is also mentioned, 'Praised be God on the ten-stringed Harp'. Page 167.

Chinese Proverb, 'Do not drive out the tiger from the front door, while letting the wolf get in the back'.

In Exeter Cathedral the woman crowned and child can be found. She is surrounded by healthy leaves, and the green man is under her feet. These statutes can be found everywhere in the UK, in some she has the dragons and small goblins under her feet as well. As we know in Rev 12, she had the moon under her feet and that also relates to the 'Isis' conspiracy written about by Nostradamus.

I have plenty to do, and I am sure that you do to.

The love energy in my room last night was cosmic and the energy of the dolphins of joy was powerful.

Thank you for your prayers and love.

I am receiving constant divine guidance.

Love beyond measure.


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