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St. Michael's School USA

We keep on warning Americans about the children and to turn their hearts to the children as the biblical prophecies ask them to do in this timeline. Now eleven children have become 'sick' at St Michael's School. I usually put events such as this on the event blog. However, as this relates to other prophecies that we have been sharing, it is appropriate to place this story here and on the covenant blog.

This is the text that was with the video.

(This took place in Upper Saucon Township, PA on May 30, 2012)

Disturbing, brainwashed sheep-ants!! Get your kids out of these pathetic schools, they are harming them and they don't give a f*ck about you or your kids!! Mystery, indeed!

This must be the umpteenth incident I've heard about (and posted!) wherein the cause of the mystery illness at the school is never known - the air quality tests are alleged to have come back normal and la-dee-da, life goes on like normal.

I guess many of the parents are just so idiotic and obedient that they think this is ok.

To quote the article:

"Despite the mystery, many parents say they are pleased with the school's response.

"Things happen that you really can't explain sometimes, but I don't really have any apprehension about sending my kids back today or any day," said Cochrane.

"Maybe it is unsettling that we don't have a specific answer, but I really believe that we have to trust in the professionals in their field," said parent Ashley Russo."

Read more here: 

11 Children, 11 is a Master number of duality. In numerology it is the ‘clenched fist’ and it is to do with ‘trials and treachery’. Trials are to do with Jacob's 'trouble' and the corporations and what they are doing. In the book of Revelation the 'trouble' is for ten days and a day can be a year in Judaism. 

The fact that this happened at St Michael's School is definitely a sign that you must take notice of. Those that know me, know about my work with Archangel Michael in the first phase of the Rev 12 timeline. 

Michael is also mentioned in the book of Daniel, the bible tells you that he was the only one that supported me against the Prince of Persia. Hand, in hand, side by side. Shoulder to shoulder in the frontline defending Israel. 

Michael also appears again in chapter 12, and as we know this is 2012. In Judaism, Michael is appointed over the seventh heaven, and seven also relates to the Nostradamus prophecy about Michael M. Mauldin and the seven men. Six of which went to his bed with a grudge. See the previous post called 'Sword of Truth - Steel Prophecy'. 

In Dan 12, Michael is wearing white linen, that aligns with the Rev 15 prophecy about the angels that wear white linen and the name Ben Hur. See the previous post about Rev 15 and 'Georgia Panics'. 

May 30th is the 'Day of Independence' and that relates to the covenant of spiritual independence for the children. Independence can also relate to finances, and the USA did not follow instructions of God to do with his instructions that were delivered. He also said 'No School, Schools Out'. 

The children were in a Catholic school and in a mass. If you watch the video, you will see the dove and Jonah means 'Dove'. The Sign of Jonah arrived twice in Israel. First doves were given to people at the blessing of the sea of galilee on the 22nd of May, 2006. Then the whale arrived in the waters in 2010. 

Jesus Christ predicted that Israel would be given the sign of Jonah prior to the judgment commencing. 
Later that year, 5 million trees burned down on Mount Carmel at Jewish New Year. Exactly as Prophet Isaiah had predicted it would happen if they did not do the will of God. 

In Dan 12, Michael is standing above the waters of the river. That reminds me of the Harmonic Concordance in Florence, Italy, when Archangel Michael was above the waters of the river as the heavens opened up in November 2003. At that time I was asked to bring the energy into the earth through this vessel to ground the energies of the harmonic concordance. 


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