Friday, 8 June 2012

'Kim Miller Cult'. ELIJAH'S LIST

Yesterday I mentioned 12 years and this comment was made on the 'Kim Miller' Elijah List post. [1]

Mrs Special wrote this comment about 'Kim Miller', an orthodox Christian in the USA.

Mrs. Special said...
my family is in this cult. I wrote a blog yesterday after finding out that my uncle wrote my grandmother. it had been 12 years. please continue to pray for the families who have not returned.

In 2007, during a divine healing experience, the heavenly Father asked me to lead the people out of the Church.

The writ that he said I had been given, does have a part to play in helping that to happen. Christians have been set-up for the slaughter by the 'Sons of Darkness'. So have the spiritual. Hence, the importance, of what we have shared in the last 12 years to help people to make a breakthrough. I know that I work in many different realities. My Spirit travels to people far and wide to help them, and give them divine guidance. The heavenly Father directs his holy Spirit and there are those that listen and do.

As far as the family of Mrs Special are concerned, I have this to share. It is a message that was received from the Son of God and it was published in Sacred Words.

I was shown a vision of a closed black oyster type shell. The people who had the shell in their hand’s  were very frustrated because they kept hitting the shell harder and harder on the rock of literals,  they were trying to force it to open.  They could not understand why the beautiful shell would not open for them. 

Jesus said 'In their innocence they are refusing to see that all it takes to open the shell is love, but while they continue to be rigid in their thinking and keep their hearts closed, the shell will never open.  You truly understand me, they did not wish to listen,  they did not wish to hear me but the truth still rings in their ears.' 



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