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This video is about the 'Palm Branch' that is mentioned in the Nostradamus C1.Q30 Prophecy. It includes the name of the location and some information about what happened in the location in the USA in 2008. Also what followed afterwards, taking us right up to 2012, this diamond jubilee year. 

It did have a divine purpose for being, the prophecy itself is cross-referenced with the biblical prophecies for this timeline. Enjoy it, because the palm branch is a symbol of victory.

This is the quatrain itself that is in the video with a full explanation of the symbology that Nostradamus chose in this quatrain. 

Because of the stormy seas the strange ship
will approach an unknown port,
notwithstanding the signals from the branch of palm,
after death, pillage: good advice given late.

The video shares with you, who the palm branch is, who it was who died, and it shares information about the pillage. It also includes what Jesus Christ said about the 'pillage' and the 'vultures' in the USA in the scriptures. It includes what they have done, the importance of the symbology involved, purposefully used to defeat the USA as a nation. I have not disclosed the name of the ship. However, they know who they are and so do I. As the video explains, it was part of the divine plan to send the palm branch to help the USA.  The good advice coming late; also had a divine reason for being, more will be shared on that later.

In addition to what is included in the video, about the prophecies to do with the ''pillage', and the 'vultures', the word 'pillage' is also to do with the ships. The Spanish used their ships to 'pillage' the lands of others, just like they 'pillaged' the lands of the indigenous peoples. St. Augustine is where they placed the very first cross on the land, I was not aware of that until Michael and I went sightseeing. Prior to my arrival, I had not been informed of the sheer importance of the location, or that it related to a prophecy from Nostradamus. 

No surprise, that this biblical prophecy about the 'death and pillage' also relates to people who call themselves Christians. The term 'Pillage', can also relate to war, and Michael wrote to me about the war with Glenn Still of Still Construction Company Inc. and those that were doing their best to drive him out. In a different video, we share about the arson, burglaries, death threats that were never investigated by the police or fire departments. 

Its important that people understand the symbology in the video, and how it has been purposefully used for decades for the long term plan that some people had for defeating the USA. This is just a part of the exposure of why the USA landed where it did with Obama. The military strategies have been in place for a very long time; and that is another reason that the LORD God sent his palm branch and righteous hand. 

While I was writing this, a ginger cat jumped up on the garden wall. he stopped, turned his face around and looked at me. The cat was standing above a 'Last Will & Testament' that is on the window sill. That also links in with the biblical prophecy that the one that is saved must share their testimony with the nations. I must carry on sharing as ordained to do. The cat reminded me of Michael, the Leo the Lion mentioned in Proverbs 30. Was he the 'Lion of Wrath' mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls? The furious lion? He certainly knew how to demonstrate it towards the orthodox Christians that did not live up to the high standards of the one that they reportedly follow. 

It is important that they know that I am not alone, the legions of love and light stand with me. There are just people in this world, including in the USA. People that have known me for years before the palm branch was sent to the USA. 

After this video was posted, I discovered that there was another anonymous email sent to me by the 'McConnell/Still Camp. It was sent to me with an attachment, they must think I was born yesterday, if they think that I will open any emails, with any attachments from anonymous people. I can tell you this; that by the time Michael is finished with all of them, they will be begging for mercy. He and I, did not go through what we went through together for nothing. Everything had a divine reason for being. Michael would often remind me of that fact. 

The Still camp, don't even have the common decency to email you with names. What does that tell you about them? I am being told, that it is a 'sign of the weakness of their position' and that 'their position is a weak one'. 

They don't like being exposed by the branch of palm do they? Prophet Isaiah predicted that only one in a thousand would be able to stand before Joseph in integrity and that the rest would flee. Do they even know what integrity means? The Marion Still camp have proven that they definitely don't. Michael was definitely right when he wrote to me about them. As we know, the Campbell's always did stand against the MacDonald's. No coincidence that the Campbell name is also in my ancestry of my ancestors. 

I received more divine guidance and good advice that I cannot share at this point in the public domain. However, I will tell you that I am being kept informed. Before Michael passed over, he asked me to be patient and have faith in him. I know in my heart that justice will be done for Michael, for it is divine will for it to be so. As I was writing that, a man went by and he was coming towards my right. 

As we know the word 'pillage' is also to do with being 'robbed', and that is also happening to the USA. It is repeated again in the Malachi prophecies, when it tells them that they're 'robbing', elohim. 

When Michael died, I was told that the 'Dark Lords have descended' and I received a barrage of emails from a man in Florida. He doesn't use a proper name either when he emails you directly. These are people that demand transparency from their government, yet, give none themselves. How ironic is that! 

I am being told that they are of the 'same 'ilke'. Jesus Christ was correct, when he said that all be disclosed, that nothing would remain hidden, and all would come into the light of the day. 

The term 'pillage', also appears again in Isaiah 17. 

"At evening time, behold, there is terror! Before morning they are no more. Such will be the portion of those who plunder us. And the lot of those who pillage us." Isaiah 17:14. Its no coincidence that verse adds up 31, and the Nostradamus prophecy is 'C1.30. = 31. It indicates 'Isolation', what was done to Michael, will come back down upon their own heads. The scripture is clear, in the golden rule, 'do unto others, as you would wish them to do unto to you'. 

Evening time is also to do with Psalm 92, and the arrival of the Harp of Faithfulness at night time. The Harp did arrive at night time on a night flight in the last days of the end times, as the scriptures predicted. When the paraclete flew into the USA, the Philadelphia Prince of Peace Church burned to the ground. The LORD God was letting them know, that his daughter ZION, had arrived in Babylon, as predicted in Micah 4. 

He also said 'By the time they find out what we have done. It will be too late for them to change it'. 

Isaiah 17 is about Damascus and Jacob. No surprise, that there are places in the USA called Damascus. I get the feeling that whatever the USA and Obama does to Syria, the same will happen to the USA. Its all part of the spiritual law of cause and effect. Another cat arrived, this time, it is like a tiger with stripes. The 'eye of the tiger' theme was also given as a theme tune for them and as we know the song from Rocky is about survival. 

In the KJV translation the last sentence reads, 'And behold at eventide trouble: and before the morning he is not. This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us'. Isaiah 17:14. 

'The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters, but elohim shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff to the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind'. Isaiah 17:13 It also mentions one man that shall look towards his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel. 

As far as I am aware, Syria does not have whirlwinds, like the tornado's that the USA have. 

Is there hope for the USA? There is always hope when the palm branch appears. As one American Christian so rightfully said 'Better to be rebuked, than for love to remain hidden'. While the sun shines, the rains pour, and the rainbows still appear there is always hope. 

Love is not for sale America, you cannot buy love that is real. 



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