Thursday, 3 May 2012


This video includes the Nostradamus prophecy that mentions Venus and the Sun. In addition to the law of the Great Messiah. The quatrain is number C5.Q53 and I find it incredible that Nostradamus knew the month that I would be conceived and the year.

This Venus transit of the heart is a rare event, it happened in 2004
and again on the 5/6th of June, 2012. It doesn't happen again until
2017 and 2125, that means it is a once in a lifetime event.

Here is a decent link to read more about it.

2004 was a very important year for me due to birthing the holy
Spirit. It was also the year that the Rev 12 timeline began, and
I was told who I was, although I was sworn to secrecy at that

It was also the year of the second Harmonic Concordance
at England's Nazareth. It truly was a cosmic year, full of
beautiful divine experiences.

Gospel of Peace - Son of Man


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