Friday, 18 May 2012


I had just made a post in regard to the storm over Salt Lake City, and its connection to the Nostradamus prophecy and solar eclipse. [1] Then the LORD said 'TANAKH'. In Judaism, the Tanakh is the name used for the cannon of the Hebrew Bible.

According to Jewish tradition, the Tanakh consists of twenty-four books. Just like Rome decided what was going to be the cannon for Christians. Men also decided what was going to be the cannon for the Jewish people.

As we know the number 24 also appears in the book of Revelation, related to the elders who each have a harp.

However, what does the word Tanakh actually mean? The original name given for the Jewish cannon was Mikra and it means 'reading', or 'that which is read'.

Tanakh = TNK and three letters represent the 'law, prophets and writings'. As such, he is telling me that what we write is 'Tanakh'.

Interesting that there was an article published in the Jewish Chronicle and the headline is 'Time to rethink the Tanakh?'. It was published on the 8th of March, 2012. The question posed at the London School of Jewish Studies was 'How much of the Tanach is literally true? Self-review is always good, especially for the Jewish people and the text that has impacted upon so many nations. In fact, they carry a huge responsibility for co-creation on this planet today due to their cannon. The same goes for Rome, and the British monarchy that paid for the KJV. As we know it is the British monarchy that own's its copyright. Very few people are aware of that. 

In many ways it is good that we are coming to the end of the book of Revelation, for after New Jerusalem is built, the new holy city of enlightenment as predicted by Prophet Isaiah, there will be very little from the old texts to discuss and comment upon. Only then will humanity be able to move on to the next phase of its evolution. Until that time comes most of humanity will remain in their never ending cycles of their nations being destroyed. One can take a horse to water. However, one cannot make the horse drink it. Hence, it is the calm before the storm. He has also informed me that the Queen has been informed. 

An appropriate song, people will love the heavenly Father again, just like I came to love him. 


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