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I am being urged to look at the numerics of the video on 'Rev 12, Who is she?' It came to 3.53. 353 in Hebrew gematria is 'a spicing', or 'seasoning'. It is written that King Solomon also wrote about the 'spiced laded mountain' and that is do with healing and New Jerusalem.

353 is also 'weak in the feet' and Aquarians have weak ankles, the prophets knew that she would be an Aquarian water carrier, for an Aquarian Age. It is also predicted in the prophecies that the water bearers and carpenters would serve Israel. People often think Aquarius is a water sign when in fact it is an Air sign. Hence, the wondrous woman from heaven in Rev 12 flew divinely and shared with others how to do so. 353 is also a 71st prime number.

The Jewish sages also say that 353 is the Hebrew gematria of 'JOY'. [1] Well I certainly hope that the video brought joy to the hearts that require uplift and a rainbow of hope at this time.

Here is another view from a Jewish sage.

"The success and multiplication of Jacob’s offspring in Egypt is the result of Joseph still being alive. With his Divine spirit, Jacob felt all along that the success of all of his offspring was dependent on Joseph. But, not only do the words עוד יוסף חי mean that Joseph is still alive; that is only their literal meaning. More deeply they indicate that Joseph’s עוד —his “more”—is still alive. Joseph’s (and every Jew’s) “more” symbolizes his (her) ability to elevate sparks of holiness from mundane reality. It is the unique Jewish ability to take physical objects and turn them into spiritual conduits for revealing the Almighty’s infinite goodness and kindness in the world. This is referred to as the “more” of a person because it goes beyond just leading a good life privately resulting in personal rectification and elevation. This is what is at the heart of the Jewish concept of tikunolam, rectifying the world. Indeed, when Rachel named her son Joseph, she gave the reason: “May God give me more—another son.” Joseph’s represents our ability to add more, to bring more Godliness into the world. As explained in Kabbalah, the multitudes of Jews born in Egypt were born thanks to Joseph’s ability to elevate sparks of holiness."[1]  

Joseph's joy then. Hence, why the bible also predicted that the tribes of Joseph will be saved. The indigenous tribes in my heart come from many nations and cultures. Just like the Egyptians came from many nations and cultures. Did you know that they found that King Tut's DNA was Iberian? Western European. 

As far as I am concerned, the most important aspect of Joseph is that he saved the people from the famine, his forgiveness was immense, and he was a wonderful interpreter of symbology and the dreams of others. 

Why do the Jewish sages speak about the physical objects? What use are objects to you? Objects are only important to those that value them. If you are beyond objects and your attachment to them. Then you are able to truly see inner layers of your life; and how your life is a spiritual conduit for revealing the Almighty's infinite goodness and kindness in the world. 

The Almighty also predicted to give testimony for Joseph by raising Egypt up. They certainly did arise in 2011, and he knows that I hold them all in my heart. I also know that Joseph's family are very happy with the outcome. They surround me with their love at this time, as they know what it has cost me, mind, body and soul; to give joy to the hearts of others. My joy always was to see others happy. 

The beautiful classical music from the video is from the Sofia Symphony, and from what is known as the Italian 'La Gioconda', opera and ballet, 'Dance of the Hours' is a part of it, and it is written that all of the dancers rejoice in the great hall, where the grand finale is held, causing all of the doors to come down in the end.  

Some translate 'La Gioconda' as 'The Happy Woman'. Well that is certainly where it began when they found her in the Galilee of the Gentiles. We certainly did gather in great halls in that timeline; and the dancers and singers were there. 

May you all be blessed with joy in your hearts, for after true joy comes, then comes bliss. 

After I posted the above, an appointment came up for Poona, India at 9.00am. There is a gateway opening there today. 


1. http://www.inner.org/parshah/genesis/vayechi/E68-0407.php

2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Gioconda_(opera)

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Apparently, the Government of Bulgaria resigns due to the pressure put on by the people.

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