Thursday, 10 May 2012


Posted in December, 2011. 

On the 29th of October, (2011) the LORD said 'They're on lock down now' and at the time of posting we asked the people to keep an out eye out for the word 'LOCK'. Last night while cooking the LORD said 'GRID LOCK' and I did not connect it with the earlier message about the lock down. [1]

An article has just been sent to me from the USA titled: 'Lockdown in Downtown Chicago: The NATO Meeting written by Gary North, May 10th, 2012. The article mentions that the Chicago downtown area is being secured on the 'assumption' that it will become a riot zone. Why? NATO meeting on May 20-21. 

See the full article for the rest of the information. [2] I recommend that you read the first link in conjunction with it. 

May 20th is the 'Day of Expression', 20 is also the number of judgement. The 21st is the 'Day of Vision'. 

In addition to the above, there is also news about China and the bank takeover. Headline, 'Fed clears China's first US bank takeover'. [3]

As we can see, the USA is still on lockdown and in a gridlock. 

When will they listen and do the will of the LORD? 


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