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Catholic Priests your fate is sealed

While I was reading about the Cardinal Jean-Marie and what this man had written, the heavenly Father said 'Their fate is sealed'. After writing the post I could smell 'talcum powder' and one usually associates that with babies in the West. On a conference call last night in the USA. Kevin Annett (Canada) was sharing about the 'Magdalene laundries' and I read about it the day before. Some of us older ones know about the Victorian workhouses. In my case, the RAB shared with his daughter about these happenings. Dad also taught me about the 'match children' and slave labour that took place in England. Charles Dickens also wrote about the 'plight of the poor' and their 'insufferable' conditions at the hands of the rich and wealthy. 

In those days, if a woman experienced an unplanned pregnancy, the babies were taken away from them and the film 'Oliver Twist' features the workhouses where the children were sent. There is a history of 'horrific' stories told by those that were put into those 'institutions' paid for by the Church. Mothers and children 'separated' from each other at birth'. 

This took place in many parts of the world. Later and in more recent decades. Some mothers tried to find their children. Not only mothers from Western nations, also mothers from the indigenous peoples. Some children were never found due to them ending up dead due to the conditions in which they lived. In other cases it was systematic murder of those children, to eradicate the indigenous. 

I remember the days of serving individuals in the community with spiritual guidance, and listening to the stories of some of the Irish women who had suffered at the hands of the Church. When I was sent to the USA in 2008, I also listened to a woman who had been harmed by at least six different Church denominations. The heavenly Father sent me to a specific family to help them. When I shared some of the true Christ teachings with the mother, the mother was overjoyed and excited. I was blessed to meet her daughters, and one of the grandchildren, I hold little 'Taylor' and his family in my heart. 

As Kevin Annett has shared, indigenous peoples also experienced 'bio-chemical' weapons to eradicate them, and this was carried out by Nazi German doctors. Its many decades ago, when the spiritual community and its elders like Mikhail Baker here in England, and his group, first shared with me about the 'small-pox' blankets that were given to the Indigenous peoples. 

How the indigenous peoples were given 'sugar', 'alcohol' and 'potatoes', to impact on their high vibrational frequency due to them living at one with nature. Sugar, alcohol in the form of spirits like whiskey, in addition to the carbs of potatoes and wheat, was all part of the trading that was purposefully used to reduce their state of spiritual consciousness and frequencies thereof. As we know, they have now developed GMO. 

However, there is another bigger picture. The book of Genesis predicted that they would go after and strike her heel, the achilles heel of the mother is the children. The systematic destruction of the indigenous people was also a biblical prophecy, and a warning to humanity from the Jewish prophets about what would happen. Forewarned is forearmed. 

However, the bible also states that the LORD God will raise them up again, and their people will be beyond measure. The least of them will become a mighty nation. The indigenous peoples will have their own nations, in the name of the Creator. It was pre-destined that he would honor them for staying true to themselves and the land on which they live. The Creator always saves a remnant of his people. Hence, it is no surprise that some of the Native Americans are actually a remnant from the Mayan lands when their civilization was destroyed. 

As far as the Catholic priests are concerned, as he said 'Their fate is sealed'. It will be the end of them, once and for all. The biblical prophecies also predicted that would happen as well. Prophet Zechariah predicted that the 'worthless' shepherds that have 'no favor or union' with the LORD will be 'cut off' in his name. 

The biblical prophecies also predicted that when I came the scepter would leave Judah, and Judah means praise. There shall be no more praising of Catholic priests, the Vatican, the Church and those that support them financially. Their shall be no more praising of the rich and powerful that support the Church and its organizations that do not defend the Amazon, the eco-system of the planet,  and its indigenous tribes that defend the tree of life. 

It is time to raise up the poor, for the saints whose names are written in heaven to be known. It is time for elohiym and the Angels thereof to take their holy place that they deserve for all of their hard work in recent decades. 

Our Creator certainly did take action, at the right time and in the right place for his divine purpose. He raised up the one from the tribe of Joseph, exactly as he promised that he would. That is why the name on her birth certificate  means 'raise', 'arise' in Hebrew and Arabic. 

Prophet Isaiah knew that she would come from an Island, Prophet  Hosea also knew that she would be planted in Jezreel. That happened in May 2006. This month is our anniversary of the unity gathering held on the holy hill in Northern Israel with the spiritual Israeli's. 

The 13th of May, a day to celebrate that the LORD God did plant her in Israel exactly as he said he would. His May Queen, a blessing that he kept his promise to his people. 

The Queen of the South arrived to pass judgement on the Catholic priests, and those that defied the rule of law, the spiritual law of the indigenous peoples, and the spiritual law of the one known as Jesus Christ. They built upon his foundations with building materials and they were told not to do so. Why did he tell them not to do it? He knew that New Jerusalem would come to be in the name of the heavenly Father in the last days of the end times. That is why there are no temples, Churches or synagogues in New Jerusalem. The new holy city of enlightenment that prophet Isaiah spoke of is to be truly holy. 

This is a Rose for our blessed Mary, she knows that the 52 minute healing meditation that she gave started with a prayer in her honor. Divine Mother and Her Archangels, dedicated to the sacred mothers, the sacred co-creators,  for the 'Sisters of the Rose'. While I was in Australia in 1999, the spiritual women came together and in meditation asked the divine when the 'Sisters of the Rose' would come, I was divinely informed at that time, they would not return until 2000, until the new millennium had begun. 


The 'Sisters of the Rose' were an ancient order, at the end in biblical times when the Romans took over, the true followers of Christ, the women that were left, would meet in secret, their meetings were organized by passing around the Rose. This was their sign that they must gather together in a certain place that they all knew. A sacred place. What was amazing is that when I arrived at the place for the holy gathering, the man that hosted the B&B log cabins, used to grow Roses for a living. The true birth place of the one known as Jesus Christ, is still a sacred place that has remained untainted by the modern day Church and its followers. It remained hidden from sight. 

He told his followers not to give them the pearls of wisdom and they never did. 

Its no coincidence that this posted at exactly 22.26. 

22 is the number of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet, it is the numeric 
correspondence of the divine feminine, Master 22. 

26 is also the Hebrew gematria value for the name of God. 


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