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This morning, the LORD as guided me to a page called 'The Sons of Zadok', and it states that ELIAKIM was the only one true high priest and there were no other legitimate claimants. Certainly, it is true that I have asked other claimants to present their case with facts. Those that presented their facts, have been corrected, and some have been exposed here and in other places.

ELIAKIM was also known as Alcimus and that word does remind me of 'Alchemy'. The word alcimus is from the Greek AlKIMos and it is translated as 'valiant' in Hebrew it is translated Elyaqum 'god will rise' or 'god will raise'. According to 1 Maccabees, a descendent of the biblical Aaron, brother of Moses.

It is written that Alcimus pulled down the wall of the temple that divided the court of the gentiles and Israelites. In other words the division was brought down. The name also appears in the IIiad by Homer.

Interesting that there is an Arabic text with the name Kimiya-yi sa'adat and it means 'The Alchemy of Happiness'. No surprise then that I taught the 'Science of Happiness' prior to being sent to Israel, and into the global crisis in 2006.

I also wrote a book about happiness and how to achieve it in 1998/9 due to clients asking me to write it for them. On my return to the UK from a year in Australia, workshops and lectures were given to the general public on that subject matter.

Other spiritual leaders attended, some from organizations, and I saw them taking notes. Then I witnessed at least one of those organizations teaching happiness to its adherents. It was used by them to attract more adherents into their organization.

The Son of God, guided me along the way and it was years later that I was informed that others were taking my work without giving credit to whence it came. I was informed at that time that he was pleased that it was no concern of mine, and he said that there was plenty more to come from whence it came.

He also knew that they would suffer the consequences for their deeds, and what they had done to the righteous one. What he said at that time was published and is on record for the prosperity of his Spirit that remained with me during that time.

The word alchemy can also be found in Medieval Latin as 'alchimia', in Arabic, al-kimia. Scholars state that the Egyptian hieroglyph 'Khmi', means 'Black earth'. However, I can tell you now that Khmi is not black earth as such. It is to do Obsidian that I was given divinely. First physically, then decades later, divinely. In my case, it was to do with my covenant relationship with the LORD God, the name that I was given, and the pillar in the temple of God. Everything that was predicted about me in the book of Revelation and other texts did come to be, although I did not seek it. I just allowed my life to unfold before me. The more the life stream home to the heavenly Father unfolded, the more I understood my current reason for being and its divine purpose.

The Obsidian came into my life prior to the White Stone mentioned in the book of Revelation, then came the Obsidian divinely. It is considered to be for the most advanced, and very few mediums can work with it. The stone is also for the gentle and tender hearted.

The other day a dear friend that supports our work, said that others did not donate to help; due to them being afraid of the light. Plato also wrote about how men are afraid of the light, and he said that it was a tragedy.

It was much later on in life that I was shown that my life experiences were written in the scriptures, and that the bible predicted that my name would be planted everywhere by God himself. It has been planted by him since ancient times; for his divine purpose for this blessed one that is holy to him, and his Son.

Alchemic wisdom from Greece was held at Alexandria in Egypt and we all know what happened to Hypatia, and what the Christian men did to her.

There is also a mention of another alchemist,  'Mary the Jewess'. She was also called 'Miriam the Prophetess', apparently the Arabs referred to her as the 'Daughter of Plato.' Clearly, at that time they were aware that Plato's work was also about alchemy. He certainly understood what Michael M. Mauldin called 'Alchemy of the Word' when he referred to what I was compelled to write.

In the tenth century, Mary was listed as one of the 52 most famous alchemists, she would have been fully aware of the philosophers stone and what it relates to. She understood the union of opposites and wrote "Join the male and the female and you will find what is sought'. Does it remind you of the words of Jesus Christ? When he spoke of making the two, one? Indeed, the one known as Jesus Christ was a spiritual alchemist, as were those that are known as the Essenes. The question is this, was the alchemist, Mary the Jewess his mother? More of her words.

"One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the one as the fourth".

Being an alchemist Mary would have also understood how Sons of God are born. All along, true alchemy has been buried by those that did not understand it. Due to them not wishing to put in the sheer amount of effort that is required to heal themselves. They looked outside of themselves instead of within. Even Carl Jung that understood the basics decided at the end of his career that he wished that he had studied mysticism and alchemy all of his life, instead of psychology. He concluded that the mystical alchemists already knew about the psychological processes; and what impacts on consciousness.

Of course, the LORD God would send you a person that is an alchemist to inspire the healing of the nations. 'To energize people to innovate change'.

As I was typing the word 'inspire', the word was written as 'inspirit'. He is certainly with us inspirit and every step that was taken was marked. Some have followed in my footsteps home, and they are on their way to completion of truth. Many have found the holy streams, that are the life streams that give life and help life to prosper.

Compared with the best spirituality of ancient times, American Indian spirituality is of a low density. One does not have to 'torture' the self in a 'sweat lodge', or in many other of the initiation rites of passage that were used. American Indians can bring forth the best of their wisdom, yet, they have to come to know that they have nothing to teach the best of the West.

The spiritual family are fully aware of the importance of the sacred union with the land on which we live, we have been sharing it for decades. In fact, people have been sharing it since the days of our own indigenous peoples and cultures being destroyed by the Romans. Even the legends of our land of Joseph speak of it. Yes, we do have wonderful legends in Europe that still remain. Hence why in 2004, I wrote about the 'Secret of Ascension and the Holy Grail' that was based upon the story of King Arthur. And we all love the legend of Robin Hood and how he took back his land and shared the wealth with his people.

Do you know that the holy grail is mentioned in the bible? Do you know that it is a part of your being? Many alchemic aspects were made into physical objects, to represent the alchemical processes. Hence, why we have informed people in the past, that truth is as close as your nose and the food that you eat. Do ponder upon it when you eat a meal and hold a glass? Do you understand the meaning of the plate and the cup? How close truth is to the people, yet they do not see it. Just like when Jesus told his followers that the kingdom is already here but you do not see it.

The bible predicted that another comforter would come to share with you and to remind you, of his true teachings. Teachings that he knew would become buried under orthodox mindsets that would not understand his words. In the same way that some have not understood what I have written at times.

'The light shone in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not'. Apostle John

Those that had kept everything that I had written over the years, some came back and said that they did not understand it at the time, but as time moved on, and the more that they developed, the more they understood what we were sharing with them to help them with their growth.

Every individual is unique and are at different stages of development. However, if people can understand the simplicity of the science of happiness, the science of being, then the rest will come naturally when they are ready to receive the next phase of their soul's ascension.

So let me leave you with this comment for you to ponder upon.

In his 1766 Alchemical Catechism, Théodore Henri de Tschudi denotes that the usage of the metals was a symbol:
Q. When the Philosophers speak of gold and silver, from which they extract their matter, are we to suppose that they refer to the vulgar gold and silver? 
A. By no means; vulgar silver and gold are dead, while those of the Philosophers are full of life. [2] 

So now you can understand why this solar eclipse on the 20th of May is called the 'Lifestream Solar Eclipse' by the LORD our God. It will impact on the philosophers and alchemic philosophy of the 'Alchemy of the Word'. The fact that the word Alchemy itself is connected to the name on my birth certificate is just another amazing reality that God created for his divine purpose.

Wisdom will be proven right by her words and actions, you can be sure of that.

I am with you inspirit and will always be so.





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