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SPIRIT of the LORD & 'Sadness of the World'.

In the book of Judges, the Spirit of the LORD is stronger than the Lion. Judges 14:6. He said to his holy one 'You have been treated unjustly'. Today's verse of the day at biblegateway is 'God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them'. Hebrews 6:10 

Joshua son of Nun had the spirit of leadership. After Moses laid his hands upon him as instructed, it is written that  he was then filled with the Spirit of wisdom. These hands have been laid upon many people, many blessings were imparted in recent decades. Many young ones blessed with the spirit of leadership and wisdom. 

The Spirit of the LORD was given to the judge, and as we know the Son of God informed his followers that the judgement would come when the 'sign of Jonah' arrived, then the 'Queen of the South' would judge this generation. As we know the whale arrived in Israel in 2010, that was followed by the flotilla disaster and 5 million trees burning down on Mount Carmel at Jewish new year. 

The LORD is talking to me about the sadness that was imparted to me, and how at times it has been overwhelming for his little one to carry. He gave me the 'sadness of the world', to compel me to take action to help others that were sad and filled with sorrow. As we know people can also suffer from 'S.A.D.' when they have a lack of sunshine in the winter time, it is really symbolic of a lack of warmth, vitamin D and the inner sadness of their souls that require the sun of righteousness to arise within them. It is associated with people who lack the light of sunshine due to their lack of healing within. 

It goes without saying that the LORD sees the 'sadness of the world' and the sadness that people hold inside themselves. He sees their sorrow for what they have done, without understanding the power of their thoughts, words and deeds. He understands how easy it is for a person to become a 'Lion of Wrath', and how a mother would kill to defend her child. How fathers would do so too, how fragile that line of justice is; when the life of a child that you have birthed is at stake. How many people of integrity would stand by and watch a child being harmed? How many people of integrity would stand by and watch a blessed one be treated as he says 'unjustly'? 

The Spirit of the LORD gave me the 'sadness of the world' to help transform it, because he knew that I had already healed sadness that I once held within. He sees the sadness of those that have been 'unjust', and he hears their sorrows for what they have done. 

They cannot shut him out without detriment to their own being, due to their own co-creation. Although he can shut the door on them, if they refuse to change their ways and return to the sacred union. He simply will not allow his blessed ones who live harmonically with his 'way of Spirit', to be harmed by the 'way of man'. 

When he rescued the wondrous woman from heaven, those close to her were also rescued because they left with her. When he rescued daughter ZION, those that loved her, also left with her, at the same time. They understood the signs that were given to them, and where she was coming from. 

When the Spirit of the LORD came upon Gideon, he blew a trumpet like a herald. The Jewish prophets also predicted that a herald would come at the appointed time in the last days of the end times. The prophecy was fulfilled in 2009, the herald ran with the interpretation and commentary as ordained and compelled to do. 

In the book of Judges when the Spirit of the LORD came powerfully, the Lion was torn apart. In my case, it was the old tree of life that was ripped out in 2004. The tree came up so fast and furiously, that there was simply nothing that I could do to stop it. It was like being in a tornado. The soul/spirit that I had been birthed with was leaving, its journey had been completed, the wheel of karma had been broken.  It was time to make way for the new holy spirit that had arrived in 2003, for the remainder of the years of my existence on the planet. 

A friend just came to the door and brought me some eggs. She said that her family and their children were having bad dreams, she also spoke of  a dream of how young men were inflicting pain upon her and cutting her skin. 

I shared with her that the dark forces are doing everything they can to try to stop the Spirit of the LORD and his legions of light. She did say that there are times spiritually,  when she does not know how much more she can take. I will write a Sonnet to God for you all. 

When the Spirit of the LORD is upon you, and you are commanded to deliver his word, you are changed into a completely different person. People that knew you before, and who you were before, often do not understand, the different you, because it is not you speaking any longer, it is the Spirit of the LORD. Prophet Isaiah knew that the Spirit of LORD would speak through me and so did Nostradamus. They knew that his word would be upon my tongue, when the Prince of Greece came to me he said that the LORD had spoken to him through me. At that time he was also told by the LORD that I am his daughter, and the other day he called me his wife. I had just made two videos and he was happy, he said 'That's my wife'. 

Prophet Isaiah spoke of a Spirit of Judgment and Spirit of Fire that would cleanse the bloodstains of his people. As we know both judgement and fire are usually associated with the prophet Elijah. Prophet Isaiah also spoke about when the Spirit of the LORD is upon you, you also have the Spirit of Wisdom, Spirit of Understanding, Spirit of Counsel and of might. Spirit of Knowledge and fear of the LORD. It is not fear in the manner humans understand it. It is not human fear, it is a knowing of what will come to be if the will of the LORD is not implemented. One has no choice in the matter when the Spirit of the LORD is upon you. Grace is constantly under pressure, if and when the people refuse to do his will that is specifically given to help them and their nations. 

In the vision that I was given in 2010, the Lion had a scroll in his mouth and prophet Isaiah also spoke of a scroll. 'Look in the scroll of the LORD and read; none of these will be missing. Not one will lack her mate. For it is his mouth that has given the order, and his Spirit shall gather them together'. Isaiah 34:16

Prophet Isaiah also spoke of the year of the LORD's favor, and that also aligns with the Zechariah prophecy where  it speaks of the shepherds that have 'no favor or union' with the LORD being 'cut off'. He will show the world who has his favor and who does not. It is also appropriate for this year with Saturn being in Libra, that is all about justice being done and the spiritual law. There will be a planetary Saturn transit change in October. 

I feel incredibly calm, like the calm before a storm, the silence of the being in a state of peace that is beyond most peoples comprehension, like a person that just sits before you, and through their being and energy, the energy is emitted to others. As I have said before 'May my peace be with you'. In this moment, I feel no requirement to speak to anyone, no requirement to do anything, it feels like now it is up to you, to turn your hearts to the Spirit of the LORD, so that he can help you with his divine instrument that he sent in his name. 

The energy is very Buddha like right now in this space. In the energy of enlightenment, just being one with the source of creation. There is no movement, it is stillness, it is grace, in his Spirit, inspirit. It is pure Spirit in the being of manifestation. I speak when he speaks, I move when he compels me to move, I rest and sleep when he compels me to rest and sleep, I eat when he does the same. I am his being for his will to be done on this planet at this time. 


Rabbi Trugman shares his view of 'Constant Joy, Constant Sorrow'. 


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Eliakim said...

I wrote that I felt the calm before the storm in the above post. I have just checked youtube and there is a weather alert to do do with Salt Lake City and UTAH, with storm heading north east towards Brigham City and then heading further north east into south west wyoming.

That is bang on prophecy for the mormons to get a hit on the 20th of May, 2012. See our Nostradamus Sun 20 video, it also aligns with NASA stating that the moons descending node during the solar eclipse will be in Taurus the bull. Bulls are to do with Mormon temples and eclipse will be over the USA. 20 is also the number of judgement.