Sunday, 7 November 2010

Abba said "Water Michaele"

This morning when I woke up Abba said 'Water Michaele' Michaele is the feminine form of the Hebrew name Michael, meaning 'WHO IS LIKE GOD'. [1]

I do have two friends called 'Michelle' and one is French and lives in Australia. 

There is a lovely song by the Beatles called 'Michelle, Ma Belle'. 

So check out what is going on with water. I just checked the news and the headline is 

"Bangladesh wants to expedite water cooperation process with India."

In the India news media there was also some interesting comments about Obama and Americans.

A 22 year old said 'I feel let down by the so-called Messiah of Hope, the US favours no one. They don't help anyone without a hidden agenda'.

29 year old, 'Giving him the Nobel Peace Prize' was premature'. 'The US has always been pro-Pakistan".

More comments 'India does not need any help from the US' 'We are just wasting too much money on the visit'.

Indian news, Dean Williams also congratulates the tea party and the article finishes with;

"The real winners are Americans, for now that the floodgates are open and the waters of dissent flow freely, who knows, this time the people might emerge victorious."[4]

This is post 20 in November and 20 is the number of judgement. 




Story Image

In this picture the Somali pirates hit a 
cruise ship bound for Kenya. [5] 

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