Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Vessel

Being a vessel for God is not to be taken lightly. It takes great strength, humility, courage and the power of God to complete and do his will to the best of your abilities.

The rite of passage home to God and his Kingdom brings many, many initiations and gateways to enter before you reach the Kingdom of God known as ZION.

Once you have arrived in his Kingdom and passed every trial and tribulation that you were destined and chose to encounter on your spiritual journey home. A new journey begins, as a traveller on the path of others to give them a lantern of light home to God if they ask for it.

At other times God might send you out,  to meet others at a junction or at a crossroads to help others to understand the signs or signal the right direction for them to make it easy upon them.

The blessed and holy ones also experience the sacred initiation of the OUTCAST for God's divine purpose. Only those that live in mercy and grace can experience it with joy in their hearts.

When humanity make God an OUTCAST, humanity then see a rising of the outcasts amongst humanity.  Some might view Israel as an outcast, others that have not integrated being divine love in manifestation on the earth plane often make transgender people outcasts. Mental health patients also experience being an outcast because humanity does not truly understand them in the heart of intelligence.

In my view and experience, transgender people have been sent to humanity to show them their lack of unconditional love and compassionate action. Those that have not healed themselves cannot face that which their belief systems have taught them not to like or to condemn.

We also know that 85% of mental health is due to not passing the initiations of life experience. It doesn't help when there is no spiritual reality in the medical profession, because people are more than just a body and a mind. The ancient Egyptians were very wise, they threw away the brain on death and kept the heart.

Without the intelligence of the heart of the soul, humanity continue to walk blindly through life in the hamster wheel of a never ending captivity.

If you wish to be a vessel for God then the ascension of the being is essential, and essentials are only found in the heart.

When a vessel of God experiences the outcast initiation, it is because God as decided it is time to bring the outcasts to him. His compassion and mercy is so huge, those that are condemned by humanity he brings closer to him. So the more that humanity condemn Israel, the more he brings them under his protection. Our heavenly Father will always defend the underdog, he will always defend those that are most attacked by others. He is always there for those that humanity have made into outcasts because he understands their plight and those that are responsible for the co-creation. Hence, why Native American spirituality was exalted. Man tried to destroy them and God raised them up.

In my own experience every time people tried to destroy me, he ensured that I ascended even further for his glory. When you live in paradise with God there is still work to do, in fact it never ends. The closer you are to God the more work there is to do to help the children of the world.

The outcast initiation is like being on the end of his fishing rod. He casts out the line with his bread of manna to catch the fish to feed the people, because the people are starving from a lack of food.  Divine love is the food that feeds the soul.

He picks up his rod because he likes to fish from his creation. In this initiation, you are still in the sanctuary of God, you are with God because those that stand against the holy and sacred, also stand against God and his divine creation.  However, every now and again he will cast you out to help you to bring the people back to him. He just loves to catch them and reel them in.

When you are a vessel for his glory, you are both his fishing rod and his manna that he holds in his hand. In the ancient texts it is only the seed from the hand of Joseph that can help the USA, can they and will they accept the seed that our heavenly Father offers them or will they choose to starve and increase the famine? There is an interesting aspect to the inheritance of Joseph and the understanding of dreams, as we know America as always talked about the American Dream and Dr David Yeagley wrote a brilliant article called the 'American Dream'. [1]

Every initiation has a divine purpose for being when you can see them through the eyes of God. Divine love sustains us and as the Native Americans would say, thank you Grandfather. Thank you Great Spirit.

May the will of God be done.

In resplendent peace of grace and mercy for the children of the world.



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