Friday, 5 November 2010

MOSES request for JOSEPH

While I was posting on a Christian orthodox blog, another insight was given to me about why Moses asked God to give the blessing of prophethood to a descendent of Joseph. Joseph was good at understanding dreams inspired by God, he shared his heart of forgiveness. He held no prejudice in his being, he married outside of his religion. The legends state that Joseph married a woman from the Egyptian court. My Jewish ancestors also married outside of the Jewish religion and that is how I came to be.

How amazing Moses was and for God to carry out his request. There is a big message there for Israel and the Jewish people.

This video claims to provide the evidence that Joseph was given the name IMHOTEP and  Imhotep means 'The one who comes in peace' [2] and it is written that he was the founder of medicine,  it is clear that he was a healer. Now I understand why Abba kept mentioning the Louvre, my small frame is exactly the same. The same shoulders and arms.

No coincidence then that I was compelled and divinely guided to pioneer healing therapies and flower essence combinations this life time.  Two days ago while saying a prayer for someone, I was immediately shown the blockages in their body and what they relate too. I did not ask to do a remote scan but was given the information anyway.

May the will of God be done


1. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.


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