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Dr David Yeagley wrote:

"I just don’t want to fall into the pit from which America looks like a giant ego production, or, the Great Satan, as it were. The glory of self-reliance, self-development, individual freedom, where any man can become a king. Ah, what a glorious vision.
But, a nation founded on covetousness? Can’t be. It was founded on freedom religion–freedom from Rome and the Church of England. That’s what the Pilgrims were all about, and those are the people who formed the colonies which forged the principles of the later government of the United States. It is essentially a religious country, at the roots. All the covetousness developed later, in the name of freedom, independence, self-development, etc." [1]
I will have to agree to disagree with Dr David Yeagley on what he wrote about "COVETOUSNESS'. The USA was founded by people who COVETED the lands of the Indigenous people. Hence, why so many people were murdered. That covetousness then turned into the American Dream of desire and the Christ and the Buddha both taught that desire was the cause of pain and suffering. 
The orthodox in Europe were given a choice, change your ways, chill out or get out. They chose to get out due to the pressure that was being put upon them. They took the Pope, the Church and their orthodoxy with them. 

The orthodox mind in the bible is the carnal mind and that is the opposite to God. Why is that? Change is the only constant in the cosmos and ascension of the being is all about change. The orthodox don't like change because they have not been taught how important it is to the evolution of the soul. Of course, orthodox Christians don't like evolution and some even believe that the world is 6,000 years old. 

Creation evolves and evolution creates. As Abba said 'It is not a one way street'. 

What happened to the Christian orthodox in Europe is now happening to the Islamic orthodox, how history repeats itself when people attempt to impose their orthodox belief systems onto others.  The orthodox Muslims also covet the lands of the indigenous Europeans and the rest of the world, just like their Christian orthodox predecessors. 
The religious that went to the USA were purposely driven out of Europe because the Europeans were not up for their orthodoxy being imposed upon the people. Queen Elizabeth stood in defense of her people’s right and freedom to be; against the Pope and Spain that colonized many of the indigenous peoples and murdered many of them in the process.
Due to the religious orthodox making the indigenous peoples victims of their less good ways, guilt became a genetic inheritance for what had been done. And the world will not let them forget it.
The same with slavery. Hence, the huge black movement. As we have said before the people of the USA have a lot of healing work to do. Guilt breaks down the immune system and helps to co-create disease.
Christian orthodoxy is based on texts that few Christians understand. Most orthodox Christians in the USA don’t even know the history of the bible compilations, who the different translators were or why so many of the texts were changed. Many believe that the bible is the only word of God. How short-sighted of them.
“A closed mind is a closed heart and a closed heart is a closed mind.” From Sacred Words
From where I am sitting there is little difference between the left and right in the USA, both sides play the victim when it suits them. Watching an American election and how Americans behave during it, as to be seen to be believed. Its no wonder that Abba recommends 'ALOE VERA' for them. [2]

Have Americans ever heard of the word 'DECORUM', thank God the English demonstrate it during their elections. Is that because the English is a cultured nation and the USA is still a young nation still on the learning curve? 
Time to walk the middle path home to God, there is only one way and that is UPRIGHT in integrity. That is why people were given two feet to stand on, to walk the spiritual path.
Frankly, the Christian orthodox in the USA is enough to make any true follower of Christ cringe. The American Dream is the complete opposite to the true Christ teachings that have more in common with the indigenous peoples then they do with the Church and its dogma. 

The Christ taught that salvation was all about healing and self-development. Salvation was the mystics term for self-preservation and Christ told his followers that if they did not follow his way they would taste disease. The orthodox Church did not follow his way because they did not understand his way. How could they, they had not followed him and become the healers that they were born to be. 
So is it any surprise that so many young ones turned to Liberalism to get away from the conservative religious orthodoxy? 

When I was in the USA, I was given to work with a family that had been harmed by the belief systems of a few of those Churches. As you can imagine I was not impressed at the disease that the church and its belief systems had helped to co-create for that family. As I said, if I was rich I would sue the Church for its crimes against humanity.
God help the people of America if the orthodox get back in the driving seat, because the orthodox of all religions have already brought humanity to the brink of self-destruction. We witness it time and time again in many nations, how history repeats itself when people refuse to break the never ending cycles. 
Humanity is blindly committing suicide and the meek shall inherit the earth.

As we know the orthodox tried to kill ELIZABETH, who defended the people and their freedom to be. The orthodox mindset is not restricted to religion. The American orthodox mindset doesn't like change, it also tried to kill the prophet of God, just like the orthodox Jews killed the prophets. That mindset can be found in academia, science and in many different realities of the stake holders that wish to retain the status quo, little do know that it is that same status quo, that is leading humanity to its own self-destruction. 

However, this one lives in the will of God forevermore, the 21st century was born in her wisdom given to her by the LORD, and nothing and nobody can stand in the way of God. 

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Eliakim said...

I have just been sent this article by a news agency and while looking at the email from them. Abba said 'BANG ON RIGHT FIELD'.

I know nothing about baseball but apparently 'right fielder' is the outfielder in baseball and is assigned the number 9.

Number 9 is the number of completion and divine love.

To be bang on in England means to hit the target. exactly right.