Saturday, 30 October 2010

Angel Visions

While bathing in candle light this night, I saw visions of Angels. There were two of them on my left kissing and they had long flowing hair, a male and a female.  The third angel was under my right foot, it was much smaller and it was a dark angel, it had huge wings and its body was covered in a black robe the same style as the KKK. It wasn't until I got out of the bath that I remembered that tonight is Halloween. What does God put under your feet? His enemies.

The Dead Sea Scrolls talks about "the enemies that profaned their sanctuary."  In other words they profaned their own bodies. Profanity is the opposite of holiness and all that is sacred. It continues that they battled each other against his covenant. God saved and delivered goodwill. He gave them a single heart to walk the way of truth. They despised the way of the wealth of wickedness and stayed apart from it. The erring Spirit and with a tongue of truth. And they atoned for their iniquity through their strokes their iniquity vacat. (4Q183). Metaphysically, strokes are also to do with people that would rather die than change their ways.

The book of Revelation talks about a third of them that turned dark. A third of the sun was struck, a third of the moon and a third of the stars and as we know this is the year of three. The sun is symbolic of the Christians, the moon is symbolic of the Muslims and the Stars are symbolic of the spiritual. Prophet Ezekiel also spoke about a third of the people and some biblical scholars agree that the book of Revelation is a compilation of the prophecies delivered by the  prophets.

Prophet Zechariah predicted that a third of the people would be brought into the fire to be purified and refined.

So let us send out the candle of light to those in darkness this night, so they too may join the light and be purified in the fire of God's righteous love.

The unfettered flames of God become his fire when they are united in the heart of the essentials of his good will.

Two thirds of humanity can certainly overcome the other third when they do the will of God.

Love beyond measure


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